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How do online marketing, or graphic and web design work? What expert tips do we have to offer on writing, Photoshop, social media, or branding? Check out our featured media blog articles on all of the above topics and much more — plus the latest news about Dsquared Media itself!

Dsquared Media is 5 Years Old!

Today marks an anniversary in Dsquared Media History. We have officially been open for five years. I can now say looking back that I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I started the company. The idea all started as a final school project. We were to come up with a fictitious […]

Dsquared Media is 5 Years Old

The Benefits of A Pretty and Quality Website Design

The marketing industry has made a major shift to the digital world. The importance of have a nice website design has never been more important. No matter if you are a large company or a mom and pop stand alone shop, your website is the first impression people will get of your company. A quality […]

pretty website design

Marketing for Real Estate Industries!

Buying a house or signing a lease is always a big decision, and one that few people take lightly. Potential buyers feel the urgent need to acquire information, conduct thorough research and, above all, trust their Realtor. Nothing conveys both trust and information more than a website for real estate, which should always look professional and […]

Should Your Brand Be On Snapchat?

Snapchat started in 2011 and was geared for teenagers, but since then it has grown into a $16 billion app that many companies use for marketing. It is much more than taking selfies and sending them to your friends. You can explore their different features, record video, video and messenger chat, change the shape of […]

snapchat branding

4 Tips to Make You a Better Content Manager

Content management is about reaching an audience to provide them with value. That can be in the form of information, services or goods. Your goal is conversions. You want to make content so valuable that your target audience keeps coming back to your website for more. As a content manager, these are the essentials you […]


Upcoming Addiction Expos

Innovations in Behavioral Healthcare June 20-21, 2016, Hilton Downtown, Nashville, TN. Health matters. Regaining physical and mental health in recovery is an important part of living a fulfilling, enriching life free from addictive substances. Innovations in Behavioral Healthcare is about the exploring best methods of treating patients and helping them attain physical and mental health […]

addiction expo

Dsquared Media is Moving To Northwood, West Palm Beach!

After much anticipation, we are excited to be moving our offices from Delray Beach to the Northwood section of West Palm Beach on Friday, May 20th. The move will allow Dsquared Media to be in a more central location to clients, with more office room for creative meetings and ideas to flow. “Our goal is […]

Web Design in Northwood!

Famous Brands That Made A Flawless Comeback

Everyone loves a good comeback story. Brands can be on fire, but a good marketing strategy for brands are ones that will last through the ever changing and fading trends. Many brands get their 5 seconds of fame and then are easily replaced and forgotten. But there are some that had strong marketers behind the […]

comback brands LL Cool J

Marketing Techniques For Businesses on Instagram

A lot of businesses are using social media to increase a company’s awareness and sales. Ever since Facebook bought Instagram, it has turned into a great way for businesses to market and advertise. As the saying goes, picture can say a thousand words, and there are millions of people on Instagram looking at these pictures. […]