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Importance of Long-Form Content

Having a website is all about attracting an audience. You want to get people to click on your website when searching and stay on your website. A website can have great and informational content but no audience. How do you solve this problem? Try adding long-form content. Importance Long-Form content may seem out of style […]

importance of long-form content

Meet Hillary Weiss!

Hillary Weiss is one of the new team members here at Dsquared. Here is a little bit about her… My name is Hillary, I was born and raised in South Florida and graduated from Florida Atlantic University. Describe Your Role at Dsquared Media I write content for websites such as blogs and product descriptions and […]

Hillary Weiss

Importance of a Copy Writer

A month ago I started my first day as a content writer for Dsquared Media. My job is to write content for the companies that hire Dsquared Media for web design. I was hired to write because of my experience. I was previously a marketing writer for a television production company and a content writer […]

Having a copywriter is important

Different Types of Logo Designs

Though sometimes neglected, logo design is the single most important aspect of the branding process. What would a Macintosh computer be if not for the iconic apple logo? Would Disney be the loving and whimsical brand we all know if not for the endearing Mickey Mouse? The human brain is designed to digest and retain information […]

6 types of logo designs

The Difference Between Copy and Content

A few months ago, I stumbled across an interesting Moz article entitled “The Marketing Department of the Future.” In this theoretical marketing department, there are four main groups: strategy, creative, communications, and analysis. Within these four, there are various sub-groups and the functions they perform. As a writer, what particularly piqued my interest were the two distinct functions […]

What is the difference between copy and content?

What is Semantic Markup?

The line between web design and programming on the one hand and search engine optimization on the other has always been implicitly there. Arguably, it’s never been more explicit, now that Google is considering mobile responsiveness as part of its ranking algorithm. However, not all web developers have caught on — and neither have SEO professionals. All […]

semantic markup

Mobile-Friendly Web Design & Google’s Algorithm Update

Today, April 21st, Google updated its algorithm to reward sites that incorporated mobile-friendly web design. The algorithm update, first announced two months ago on the Webmaster Central Blog is significant in a number of ways. For one, it is the first update that deals with design and development issues rather than pure content/SEO. Moreover, it is […]

Google Mobile Friendly Web Design

The Marketing Genius of #TheDress

Was it blue and black? Was it white and gold? These are the simple questions that took the blogosphere and almost every social media network by storm on Thursday, February 26. By morning the next day, #TheDress was one of the top trending topics on Facebook news feeds. Everyone and their mother knew about it […]


SEO vs. PPC — Which is Better for Your Business?

While internet marketing is a broad field, it has largely been dominated by search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. This means that the bulk of internet marketing is Search Engine Marketing, which can be divided into two practices: SEO and PPC. SEO vs. PPC What is the difference between SEO and PPC? Both are fundamentally concerned […]

SEO Concept