An effictive Marketing – Brochure Design

Danny Donovan
January 18, 2021

brochure-design-delrayThere have been rumblings that brochures are no longer a good form of advertising. The dedicated team at DsquareD Media would disagree with that notion. Brochures have their purpose; the object is to use the right tool for the job. For instance, if you are looking to get quick national exposure on a new product line, then your best bet is probably a press release. On the other hand, if you have clients coming into an office who have the capability to refer friends, then you want to make sure they walk out with a brochure every time.
People often misunderstand the usefulness of brochures. They may not be your ticket to fame, and you will have a hard time selling products through a brochure, but they are cheap and efficient ways to promote information as well as build a brand. In this high tech digital world, people still enjoy the feel personal feel of holding information in their hand. People enjoy the idea bringing a great brochure to someone who really needs it.

Now, understanding the place and usefulness of a brochure is half the issue. Once we work to find where a brochure can be useful, the next step is to work together to make sure the brochure is well designed and appealing. There is no purpose in printing out brochures that are boring with white background and black text. Hardly anyone will pick it up, and of those people, even fewer will read it. People respond to emotion, so it is quintessential we the DsquareD designer and the customer work together to create an eye catching brochure that easily delivers important information, as well as holds the reader’s attention long enough to put the information to use. Although brochures are a cheap investment, they are still a means to advertise, and therefore should yield positive results.

Danny Donovan
Upon graduation, with little money and a ton of risk, Danny took his project and put his degree into action by starting his own website design business. With little direction, he began to learn the ins and outs of running a website development and marketing agency through trial and error. To start, Dsquared Media resided in a tiny 210 square foot office space located in Delray Beach, Florida that was barely room enough for employees to work. As time progressed, so did Danny’s knowledge on maintaining and running a successful business based on progressive marketing strategies. Currently, Dsquared Media employs 12 media professionals and is located in a space over 7 times larger than the tiny office in Delray. Danny attributes his success to a keen eye for intelligent design and an inspiration to live according to his passions.

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