seo audit

Have a current SEO company but wondering if your SEO campaign could do better? We perform FREE, no-obligation SEO audits. This way, you can see what your SEO budget is getting you. And, reevaluate and adjust your efforts so you get the best results from your SEO campaign! Get your free audit report today.

seo audit

What Your SEO Audit Will Tell You
Here at Dsquared Media, our SEO audit will tell you everything you need and want to know about where your site is at currently with SEO. This means offering various insights into metrics that are generally known around the globe to increase SEO scores. Some of these metrics include:

  • keywords your site is ranking for
  • domain and page authority across your site
  • how many people are coming to your site organically (through Google or other search engines)
  • where people are leaving your site
  • how many outbound and inbound links your site has
  • how long people are staying on your site
  • things your site is missing to perform optimally for SEO
  • and more

Some Benefits of Getting Your SEO Audit from Dsquared Media

  • Pinpoint Your SEO Setbacks: With an SEO audit, you can clearly see where your site is lacking in SEO efforts and effectiveness. This allows you to make changes to your current SEO plan, whether it be addressing these issues yourself or with a reputable SEO company like Dsquared Media.
  • See What Your Competitors Are Doing: Part of SEO analysis is determining where you want to be ranking and how others in your industry are doing as far as SEO as well. This gives you an overall goal and ideas on what can be done to increase SEO value on your website.
  • Make Your SEO Strategy Clear: An SEO audit can help you to know what to change with your SEO efforts or better determine where you may need to improve. It helps you to better define your SEO goals and develop a new plan of attack.