November 16, 2017 | Web Design

What Should My Budget for a Website Price Be?

When doing research about website prices, it may be overwhelming to discover all of your options. And, it may seem confusing as to why websites are so costly. Or, why others aren’t. In this article, we aim to discover a ballpark website price so that you can establish a budget. And, so that you can understand you’re getting as much for your dollar as possible.

The Difference between Custom and Non-Custom Websites

It’s important when doing your research for website pricing to understand the difference between a custom and non-custom site. Website creation software is everywhere you turn boasting quick access and affordable pricing. But, these organizations are developing websites that are common to all the others they offer. This means that buying an inexpensive website from an infomercial is going to look like all the other competitor websites that also took the cheap way out. And, it’s highly likely your website won’t get recognized the way you want it to. All in all, you get what you pay for. Custom websites, on the other hand, are specifically and carefully designed by expert graphic artists and website professionals. And, the finished product is a brand new, never-before-seen, customizable solution that offers your internet users everything they could wish for and more.

How Much Do Custom Websites Cost?

When it comes to website prices for custom websites, it really depends on how much work is put into the entire project. Usually, for more simple website designs with only 1-10 pages, you’re looking at around $400-$10,000. But, for more complex sites with 10 or more pages and additional programming (like setting up social media or adding custom plugins), you may be looking at anywhere from $10-25 thousand. In general, the average custom website for a small business owner costs $2-6 thousand.

Can I Find Custom Websites at a Cheaper Price?

Sure, you’ll be able to find custom websites for around a thousand dollars. However, they are usually designed and developed overseas where expectations for business websites may differ. These cheaper websites are often of low quality. And, the money you invest in these websites may be squandered when you find U.S. developers may not be able to make edits further down the road when you need them. All in all, the cheaper the custom website, the less functional and up-to-date your website will be. Website designers and developers will agree; that the cheapest custom website you’ll be able to find won’t cost any less than $4,000.

Website Price By-the-Hour

Commonly, you may find a website designer or developer who wants to charge by the hour. Here at Dsquared Media, we will charge by the hour for additional services like edits, content generation, graphic design, and any other customizable solution you need to be added to your website. We understand that you don’t want to be overcharged for work. But, it’s important to know that when you’re charged for professional help, you’ll get professional work. Hourly rates for an overseas developer may cost anywhere from $5-$90 per hour. But, a professional may charge between $45-$120 per hour.

How Much Should My Domain Cost?

Your domain is a crucial part of your website. It’s the website address of your website. When you choose a domain, you’re going to want to keep it for the life of your business so that old and new customers can both locate your website. But, many companies who sell domains charge a yearly fee if you want to keep your domain. So, you’ll need to factor in a domain fee for every year your website will be active. Usually, this annual fee for domain renewal costs $7-$14.

An Alternative to a Custom Website Price

Do you still think that a custom website price may be out of your range? There is another option. At Dsquared Media, we’ve come up with hundreds, if not thousands of website design concepts. But, we always provide our clients with a few different options. Many of these custom design concepts never get used. We call these design concepts “custom Themeshop website templates” and they’re practically the skeleton of custom websites that just need to be customized to match a client’s specific needs. Because they have not been coded to fit a specific company’s internet needs from the start, these templates are offered at a discounted price.
To find out more about website prices for a custom website or our Themeshop designs, contact the experts at Dsquared Media today!

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