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Danny Donovan
February 4, 2021

Car graphics refer to art work that is placed on the body of a car and can be as simple as the name and contact details placed on the back window to as creative as a complete car wrap. For some vehicles, car wrap is used to place advertising on a vehicle. Car graphics can be achieved through various ways such as painting the cars surface, or using large vinyl sheets also known as decals. This provides the advantage of removing the decals after use and leaving the car with its underlying colors.

car-graphics-wrap-delray-beachWhen placing vinyl covers that carry car graphics on a vehicle, new types of vinyl have emerged that feature bubble preventing microscopic glass beads and air channels that allow the material to be lifted severally and reapplied without destroying the wrap during the wrapping process. The vinyl wrapping can be heated with a heat gun so that it can shrink wrap around objects.

Although a famous way to advertise, there are some issues as regards how easy it is to interpret the message on the car graphics on the vehicles body. This problem is usually pronounced when using perforated vinyl films. Smaller perforations are usually preferred to preserve the message of the advertisement.

When used for personal entertainment, vehicles with car graphics can be attractive pieces of art. When used for advertising, various factors must be considered such as:

Driver visibility

Car wraps should not cover the vehicle windscreen or the vehicles side windows. This is important to address safety issues related to wrap advertising. However, this may also affect the visual interpretation of the advert if it is not well designed.

Another issues that car graphic designers have to consider is that the vinyl wrap may wrinkle or separate from the surface of curved windows. Polyester laminates are best use for flat surfaces.

Solvents should be avoided when cleaning the vehicle to prevent the wrap from coming off and finally, the effectiveness of the marketing campaign needs to be measured to find out its effectiveness. Unlike other forms of advertising, this may not be easy to quantify.

To optimize the possibility of attracting as much attention as possible, car graphics should be done by professional artists or graphics designers. By designing a stunning car graphic, the advertisers or car owner can receive the needed attention, while maintaining a simple and elegant look.

When choosing professional car graphic designers, a car owner should consider whether they have the required experience. Sometimes companies specialize in design alone while others specialize in placing the advertising on the car. Either way, by evaluating what each company can do, the car owner can make informed decisions and get the best car graphics to meet aesthetic and marketing purposes.

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Danny Donovan
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