Acupuncture Practice Website Redesign Case Study


This business, an acupuncture practice with over 35 years of experience, has helped thousands with obtaining the healing properties of the ancient practice of acupuncture. This client needed a functional website that worked not only to provide current patients with resourceful information but to engage with potential acupuncture patients. And, convert interested website users into acupuncture clients.


The initial website design for this client wasn’t optimally functional, resulting in decreasing page views. Furthermore, the site’s speed was severely slow, leading to increased bounce rates (visitors leaving the site).


This client went with a custom WordPress website. A custom design incorporates various aspects of functionality to make a website more user-friendly. Therefore, giving website visitors a reason to stay on a website and increasing the chance that they’ll convert into a client. Custom WordPress websites are highly customizable and can be upgraded to adjust to internet changes and regulations. This means they’re a great choice for anyone who wants to keep and maintain a functional and effective website.


The design was optimized for fluid processing, reducing page loading time and page size. Thus, allowing for faster loading times and a 100% page speed score. And, fewer people leaving the website – meaning more conversions and a better overall user experience.