Fencing Company Google Ads Case Study


This case study is based on a marketing campaign for a custom residential and commercial fencing company that specializes in both the installation and repair of various fencing materials. They offer a wide variety of materials and gate options for customized fencing solutions for both families and businesses. They wanted to reach more potential customers on their website and convert internet users into custom fence owners.


This client wanted to convert website visitors into sales for custom fencing solutions. With a cost per click of over $7, the fencing industry is highly competitive. Thus, making it challenging to get leads without spending a lot of money. So, a marketing approach that can be fine-tuned to market to specific audiences searching for custom fencing solutions was required.


Google advertising allows for the pinpointing of location, keyword-specific data, and many other characteristics. Due to the intense competition and cost of the fencing industry, Google ads were chosen as a solution in order to pinpoint audiences most likely to need or want a new, custom fence. We also used a number of tactics in order to promote brand awareness and promotions, resulting in positive outreach.


With a budget of just over $2k, the client received a total of 62 website and phone call conversions. Thus, making the total cost of each converted lead just over $32.