Label Printing Company SEO Case Study

This case studies statistics of an SEO marketing campaign for a custom label, tag, and product packaging design and creation company. They make custom labels and other marketing materials for brands who want to instill the visual of their branding into their products.


Overall, some of the objectives for this campaign include:

  • Reaching sustainable audiences and bring them to the site
  • Increasing brand awareness and maintain a healthy brand reputation
  • Ranking for internationally search industry-related keyword terms
  • Initiating contact with future customers online


This business didn’t want to invest in a quick, turnaround approach to digital marketing. Organic traffic is the traffic brought into a website without the use of paid ads. At the beginning of this campaign, the website didn’t bring enough organic traffic to the website to sustain consistent leads. This means the website would benefit from a long-term approach to ranking keywords being searched by individuals looking for custom labeling goods and services.


This campaign’s long-term approach to SEO allows for a number of benefits, including long-standing keyword rankings in the client’s field. Some of the methods used in our long term approach to SEO for this campaign include:

  • content creation and expansion for both blogs and website pages
  • optimization of critical SEO metrics including title tags, meta descriptions, alt tags, keywords, and more
  • creating and utilizing graphics with popper image sizing
  • updating metrics consistently and according to primary Google algorithm updates
  • utilization of off-page backlinking strategies to obtain high-quality off-page links


With over 3 years of optimization and content generation, this website continually reaches new website visitors with each new month. Over the course of the campaign’s timetable, the website has worked to bring in an over 100% increase in annual website users organically – without any paid advertising.