Transportation Company Case Study

This study follows the marketing approaches used for a luxury transportation company in South Florida that offers chauffeur services to Florida residents. Their extended luxury transportation fleet of vehicles and dedication to exceptional service makes them one of the most premier transportation companies in the area.


Some of the objectives of a digital marketing approach for this campaign include:

  • Bringing more potential transportation customers to the website
  • Targeting local residents or people in the local community
  • Converting people looking for transportation services into interested leads


Some of the challenges for developing digital marketing strategies for this client include

  • finding individuals in the local area looking to travel within the state of Florida who wants or need luxury transportation services
  • high competition within the industry-leading to a higher cost per click for certain terms
  • offering advertisements that work better than competitors’ to convert users into leads and sales


The goal of this pay-per-click campaign was to convert website visitors into customers looking for transportation services in the South Florida area. In order to do so, we designed and developed a number of effective landing pages in order to promote specific promotions and services available. And, choose effective, less competitive keywords so we didn’t go over budget and still got successful results. Then, set up Google Ads according to these promotions and services with correlating content, call to actions, and helpful information in order to get people who click on these ads to convert into leads.


With a budget of just over $2500, the campaign was successful in bringing in a grand total of 155 website leads that transitioned into sales. This means that the pay-per-click campaign brought in leads for just over $16 each.


  • Improve keyword ranking results for industry-related keywords in the local area
  • Send more people to the website from search engines like Google
  • Increase overall organic traffic (from non-paid advertisements) to the website
  • Convert more organic traffic into leads and sales


With a number of competitors with years of SEO credibility in the local area, competition for SEO keyword rankings is tough for this industry. A long-term approach takes time and commitment as results don’t happen overnight.


The solutions used in this strategy approach include:

  • utilizing competitive, industry-related keywords within the copy of the website
  • designing, constructing, and continuously maintaining content creation intended to successfully rank the website for local and industry search terms
  • on and off-page link creation and optimization strategies to improve website authority and increase keyword rankings
  • monitoring, maintenance, and upgrading to keep organic on the website longer, increase lead generation, and improve overall user experience


A huge increase in annual users, page views, and ranking keywords in only one year’s time. Plus, over 1000 ranking local keywords for terms people are searching relating to this company’s services.