Willow Place for Women Case Study

  • Before

    Willow Place for Women, a gender-specific substance use and eating disorder treatment program with locations in Florida and North Carolina, had an existing website but had never leveraged it prior to contracting Dsquared Media. During the first 8 months of our organic search campaign, Dsquared Media increased organic traffic 386%, increased their number of ranked search terms from 1 to 201, and made 271 pages of their website visible and accessible to users on Google. 

  • After

    Willow Place for Women’s existing website wasn’t reaching potential clients, and their lack of visibility on Google search results was resulting in missed opportunities. After devising an SEO campaign for Willow Place, we used original content to get their page listed prominently in search results, which nearly quadrupled visitors to their site! Today, Willow Place for Women is ranked highly on Google and their services are visible and accessible to a much wider audience of potential clients.

  • Analytics

    Willow Place for Women had multiple locations to serve clients but lacked visibility on search engines in all those areas. In addition, their online listings were lacking or inconsistent, missing key information, and did not link back to their website, hurting their overall presence. Instead of popping up immediately on local web searches, their website was buried in the back pages of Google. With a local keyword campaign, we made their site highly visible to potential clients searching for a treatment facility. We also got their site linked in directories and online listings, boosting their potential customer reach. 

  • Analytics

    Upon taking on Willow Place as a client, Dsquared Media began revising the website in order to provide a new site-map and site-structure based on best-practices. Through this process, the Dsquared Media team ensured that all website assets were optimized and visible to search engines while still keeping the spirit of the website intact. Dsquared also generated approximately 64 pages of unique content, optimized and relevant to the search terms. In other words, we used an SEO approach to helping Willow Place become more visible and accessible to potential clients on the web, while still maintaining their brand identity through adhering to creative design concepts that honored the image of the company. New graphics and text content generated for Willow Place by Dsquared was created to drive a successful SEO campaign.


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