Communicating Your Needs To Your Website Developer

Danny Donovan
February 18, 2021

To get the finest quality of graphic design Florida businesses should be able to communicate their needs to a professional website developer. With any standard approach or a generally accepted method to graphic design, Florida businesses would not be able to get the ideal website built for their company.

It is common for Florida web design companies to offer the initial consultations where a lot of thoughts are exchanged and you may be communicating a fair bit of what you expect them to do while learning what they are capable of doing. But there has to be some specific aspects that should help you convey what you want. In most cases, consultations are very vague with the company being unable to convey what they are actually looking for and the South Florida web design team not getting a lucid impression of what they must be doing for the specific website.

Here are three factors that should be at the heart of all your communications, conveying of needs and the understanding for a Florida website developer.


Every company has an objective. Some companies develop websites to simply have an online presence while others try to sell a product or service directly and would also have payment processing gateways. Some companies would want the website to get them business clients and in such cases, the objective would be to generate leads. Businesses can also put up a website as a mere informational resource. The specific objective would dictate the entire web design. Right from the layouts to fonts, styles to the ratio of text, image, and video, from the colors that can be used to the number of pages and what kind of pages would be developed, all such aspects are directly dependent on the objective.

Branding Philosophy

If a company doesn’t have a specific branding philosophy, then albeit, this context doesn’t emerge. But if your company has a branding strategy then everything on the site should be in accordance with such strategies. For instance, the company may have certain themes of colors or designs, certain fonts that are used on banners and signage, a certain way of communicating to the users such as using specific imagery, taglines, and other essentials. Such elements will have to be included in a website to maintain congruity and to keep the branding process unhindered.

Target Audience

The target audience determines several aspects of a website design. From the kind of language that would be used in the content to the narrative, tone and also specific features as not every design intrigues all and sundry.

Danny Donovan
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