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Converting Website Content PSD to WP and More

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We convert your graphic designs, logos and webpages into a high quality HTML / XHTML / CSS markup, which is compatible with any web browser. We also specialize in converting website content of PSD for WordPress websites.
Starting in 2012, Dsquared Media has looked to service clients from any background – commercial or otherwise. We have established our methods of work, and our aim is to provide high quality graphics for websites across the internet. The internet is a great place and there is no reason to have low quality images damaging your website – let us help you out.
Well commented mark-up
As coders ourselves, we know how frustrating it can be to get back coding which you can barely read through, never mind understand. We do not like machine-generated coding, and code everything ourselves manually. We make sure that our coding is taken extra care of, with the quality, layout, structuring and overall legibility of the comments is ensured to be ready for use. We also label every part of the coding with comments, so that you can fully understand what every function does, and what to utilise.
Dedicated web coder
We make sure that at Dsquared Media, we only hire the best for the job. Our team of support staff and coders will be able to meet your every need. Not only are our stuff talented and perfect for the role, but they love doing the jobs, too. With that in mind, we have hand-picked our staff accordingly – everybody at Dsquared Media utilises their passion. We aim to be on the friendliest of terms with every single client and also to make sure that we treat every single person with respect, integrity, and keep them fully informed of the entire process along the way – no guessing games or hoping to hear from us, we are dedicated to our job and want to make you feel part of the process.
Cross-Browser Usability
Although we all have our favorite software, be it your web browser or choice of media player, but we make sure that we cover all bases. We make sure that every single markup we design for you will be completely compatible with every browser – that’s Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer or Firefox, All of our work is not fit to any one type of browser, we want everybody to get the full experience.
Expert Developers
We could talk all day about how much we at Dsquared Media are the best in our field and how we feel that level of care, precision and integrity we treat each and every one of our customers with is unmatched in our niche. But we want you to agree with us. To aid us in our quest for perfect satisfaction, we have made sure that every one of our developers are the best they possibly can be. They are always looking for ways to improve and be the best they can, and we help them do that. It is our passion to bring you the best quality work you can get – and our developers share that aim with us.
To learn more about our website design Florida services, please call us at 561-654-0237 and speak with one of our expert web designers / web developers. You can also contact us online.


When people come to have a website designed, they sometimes leave it in the hands of the designer. While this can be a good thing because it is after all, what they do, so they should in theory design it to your needs. But sometimes the website can lack the personal look that you hoped it would. It’s important when having a website designed to make sure that it captivates the audience with personalized graphics and a strong design.
However, a lot of problems used to be caused by the inability to transfer solid PSD designs, designed in Adobe Photoshop to HTML and XHTML. The main idea was to get the website to look just like the PSD, but this proved very difficult until recently.
If you are looking to have your website design edited into a XHTML file, then look no further. We can provide you with quality cutting of your file into a professional, ready to go web template. We make sure that every web template put together is hand coded from the start, and that it is easy to read and understand. We know coding can look really difficult at times, so we make sure that it is as easily written as possible so that anybody can understand it.
We strive for perfect service with every client. This is why that we can guarantee that at the end of our process, you will be completely satisfied with everything – our service, our quality of work, and our delivery time. Getting your website up and running is extremely important and we want to aid you in getting that disk achieved as quickly as possible.
We make sure that any XHTML conversions that are made are completely cross-browser compatible. Some websites do not transmute well to other browsers, as they were either only tested in one browser, or built with one browser in mind. We take all of them into account when it comes to converting your PSD web designs to XHTML web templates.
It is vital to the success of your website that it is compatible with the most commonly used web browsers. We work with browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari, as well as many more browsers that we attune ours services to. The quality of your design will not be compromised at all on any format when we make the transition from PSD to XHTML.
If you are interested in ordering our PSD to XHTML service, then please click here to discuss it with us further.

Bitmap to Vector

With competition being so fierce today, more and more people are swayed by the quality of a websites presentation. You can come out on top with quality designs and advertising. With there being so many different websites offering similar services at similar prices – you need to find a way to get ahead. Driving traffic to your website and products can help – but you need to keep the potential buyer on the website. One sure-fire way to keep the client reading on is with quality designs.
Whether it is for a website or for printing onto t-shirts and banners, we can assist you in making your designs look as professional and clear as possible. With a crisp and easy to ready image, it is easier to bring your product to the public eye. We work with some of the best software for this specific task.
In the past, most marketing campaigns struggled to turn computerised images onto print format, and embroidery. It became an expensive task to have it done to a professional level. We can take an image that is of a low-resolution format – a bitmap – like a JPG, BMP or PNG file for example, and turn it into a vector format image – a PDF or SVG file for example. Vector images turn out much better when being printed, and when being used in many other forms.
This lets you turn quirky advertising campaigns into printed banners and t-shirts, as well as creating company logos for office wear. It also provides you the ability to blow up images that would scale poorly in bitmap form into a fully scalable version.
A vector image can be stretched and morphed to any size or shape without suffering any drop in quality or resolution.
You can trust us to deliver you fully compatible vector images within TIMESCALE, and with a guarantee of diligence and quality. We are able to handle any requirements you have of us, while offering you complete transparency on the process and how things are coming along.
We realize that this is an important part of your advertising plans, so we demand that we give the best support and quality we can to help you. We offer quality service when it comes to saving you time and money, but delivering the same quality an expensive artist would cost to deliver you an equal product.
You can get your logos, corporate images, and any artwork or advertising campaigns you have completely rasterized. They will then be ready for you to use them in any manner you require – with a promise from us to deal with any matters you have regarding the product with speed and respect.
If you are interested in ordering our bitmap to vector service, then please click here to discuss it with us further.

PSD to Email

With the internet being accessible to just about everybody now, this means more competition online. Previously, certain companies would dominate their niche for years – but now, anybody can rise up and take the spoils. It is due to this, that the importance of retaining and unique and inviting look to your website is vital. The attractiveness of your website and its ability to captivate the audience is vital to your success. Designed properly, it will hook in the reader and make them feel comfortable. Not only your website needs to shine though, you need to work on all of your marketing materials.
One of the most powerful ways of complimenting a well-designed website, that can hold traffic with its pulling power, is e-mail marketing. E-Mail marketing, when done correctly, can be a massively rewarding venture for anybody. It can bring you lucrative numbers of traffic to your website and potential red hot buyers too.
Your website is not only the hub of where your transactions will take place and the place you sell. Your website is supposed to be the icing on top of the cake. The cake, of course, is your e-mails. A lot of e-mails do not handle direct images straight to the inbox; it usually does not load well. This means that you could be spending a lot of money on e-mail campaigns that people cannot even see the images properly.
We optimise and edit your PSD files – your graphic designs – to fit into e-mails perfectly and allow you to market with quality graphics. An e-mail that has working graphics that work on any e-mail client will instantly captivate the reader, rather than walls of text or broken image links.
However, PSD to e-mail also makes images load much quicker. It provides much quicker stability to the load speed of your images, making it quicker to draw the eye of a potential client. Search Engines actually look at the speed an image loads at now, too. This means that having optimum speed could be the difference between top and bottom. It’s important that you use every tool you have at your disposal to improve your business.
They also play a strong part in improving the experience of your images on other web browsers and e-mail clients. They are made to fit every style of browser out there, and the speed will be improved on even the clumpiest of clients and browsers. The images will come back to you the same way they were received, just in an optimum quality and compatibility with the world!
If you are interested in ordering our PSD to e-mail service, then please click here to discuss it with us further.

PSD to WordPress

With the rise of WordPress as more than just a blogging device, more and more designers are finding that the PSD design is no longer the first option. Very few PSD designers can actually transmute or convert the PSD design into a functional WordPress theme. However, we have worked tirelessly on the process and offer professional and clinical help when a PSD design is required to be converted to a WordPress format.
WordPress is comfortably one of the most user-friendly devices that you can run a website on.
It is extremely easy to edit and use the themes that you use. But the themes are extremely difficult to design and make.
We can offer you a solution to the usually expensive and time consuming task that is having your PSD web designs turned into easy to use and function WordPress designs. Our team of developers can take your PSD design and turn it into a usable WordPress theme which will look exactly like the design you gave us.
This is usually a very costly process for a business, due to the lack of companies out there that offer the service. However, we have made sure that we all can edit your PSD files into a WordPress design in a quick turnaround. This allows you to get on with your process and make sure your business is the best it can be.
Our WordPress themes, created from your PSD designs, are completely compatible with every browser, they are completely hand coded and designed with XHTML/CSS and CMS in mind for your exact specifications. With possible SEO coding as well, extremely easy payment plans for the service and an extremely flexible service when it comes to PSD to WordPress conversions, we can deal with whatever you require.
We work with so many different types of companies and sellers that we are more than proficient at setting up successful WordPress templates from your PSD graphic designs. No matter what you need, we can even work with Java, MySQL and HTML, as well as many more programming languages. We aim to provide you the premium service – so that every feature you require is there to be utilised with ease.
WordPress has evolved massively from its days as a tool for bloggers to vent their thoughts and review products. It is now one of the most user-friendly and content manageable web design interfaces in the world. However, quality WordPress themes are hard to come across, due to the difficulty in having one designed from scratch. However, we can turn your PSD designs for normal HTML/XHTML pages into a website fit for an extremely easy user-interface. This gives you power over your whole website and how the content is posted, managed, updated and more.
If you are interested in ordering our PSD to WordPress service, then please click here to discuss it with us further.
To find our more about our website design Florida services, pick up the phone and dial 561-654-0237 to speak with one of our expert web designers / web developers. You can also contact us online.

Fix Your Code

We speak regularly about the importance of the quality of your graphics. Having the content is important, and also having integrity and offering value is key. But the way to bring in a new audience is to have them arriving on your website and being captivated by your design and graphics.
This is why we have started to design PSD for clients. We have spent a long time putting together a quality team of coders and developers. Now, we have brought ready designers who know the type of quality our clients look for. We work with countless different niches and types of businesses. Online stores, information product sales pages, advertising campaigns, e-mail marketing.
Some businesses have great eye for creativity and know how they could spread their message – they just cannot do it themselves. Graphics design is a very rare talent and we look to provide the service to those who cannot do it themselves. Moreover, paying for professional artists can be extremely expensive for your business. We offer you cost effective, professional and elegant design.
Maybe you have some ideas for your website and just don’t know how to design it – we can help you out. You may even just want to upgrade your overall look and image, we can help there too. We know the type of market you are looking to attract, and the type of design that draws in specific demographics.
Let us work on your website and provide you with a new, modern update for your PSD collection. We can give you an array of new logos, images, website designs, and advertising campaigns, anything you require. Our team of designers are ready to get started immediately on your designs and bring you a quality that is unmatched, and can really give you that new look that you are looking for.
We stress not only the importance of the design of the page. While we ensure that everything we design for you fits your exact needs and its completely bespoke, we are obsessed when it comes to functionality. We want every website to be simple for you to work, and for your clients. When your designs become websites, we can make sure that they will work perfectly and that the website is completely accessibly to all.
We make sure to keep you informed of every single decision that is made and every aspect of the design process. We make sure you are happy with every step to ensure complete satisfaction and to make sure that your product is exactly as you imagined it. We are happy to work on the project until you are satisfied. You are our business and we want to make sure that every time you work with us at Dsquared Media, it is as comfortable and professional as you could ever wish for.
If you are interested in ordering our PSD design service, then please click here to discuss it with us further.

Why Manual Coding is Essential

With the internet being so heavy on services today, it can be hard to know if you are making the right decision. Some of the most important aspects of online marketing and business now is the quality of how you present yourself. After all, you wouldn’t turn up to a conference wearing old jogging trousers and a sports shirt, would you?
If you are looking at getting some PSD to WordPress or PSD Design work carried out, then you need to make sure that you deal with the right companies. Plenty of companies offer quality value for the work you get back in terms of design and the overall look. Sadly, though, some companies use software to write the conversion from PSD to HTML or to WordPress, and this can cause major issues down the line. We cannot stress the importance of manual coding when having work carried out on any PSD work online.
If you decide to go with a company who does not openly state they only work in manual coding, you could be putting you and your company in for the following risks;
Sloppy coding – Software will always make issues. People talk about computers rising up, but they still make plenty of mistakes! A clean structure to the coding is not going to be part of the priority for a machine. The computer is only reading it as data, not as presentable and readable information.
W3C Issues – Usually, when coding is written using a piece of software, it rarely has full if any functionality or compatibility with W3C Standards. That is never good!
Errors and missed problems – Due to the lack of personal touch and trial and error, you can end up having a complete mess on your hands. The software will not write it to function completely when converted from PSD to WordPress or XHTML. It will look with the idea that the more code it produces, the better. This can lead to a tangle of errors in the coding, and no real formatting to dissect the code. This can leave the work being almost irreparable and therefore useless to you.
Poor user functionality – Your customers are your lifeblood. It is the same in any industry at all, without customers you have nobody to sell to, and this is not good news at all. You need to keep your clients interested and happy and one way to not do that is provide poor user functionality. An automatically coded website can wind up providing very poor functionality – loading times and actual usability. This leads them to turn to the next search down, who are your competitors.
Lack of authority – Automated codes is almost never search engine friendly. The search engines are automated themselves; they know what bad code looks like. Naturally and professionally written code will always win the battle, and can be written in an SEO friendly manner. This will help with your natural SEO and boost your rankings. By the same token, poor coding means poor SEO, meaning that your PSD designs could end up costing you time and money.
As you can see, the dangers of dealing with automated codes can end up costing you huge amounts of time, money and patience. We deal strictly in manual coding, so if you are looking to get some PSD conversions of designs then speak to us about it further here.

How Manual Coding Can Create A Whole New Look

With more and more people switching towards more user friendly ways to manage content and run websites, PSD conversions are much more common now. Most businesses are having their PSD design converted into HTML, XHTML, or WordPress designs to allow for easier user functionality, and quality of service. With the intense power behind the look of your website, it is so important that you get that right. One of the most sure-fire ways to do that is by having quality graphics for your website.
Unfortunately, many PSD conversion companies are offering a service which is not up to scratch. Too many people are providing business owners and web designers with automatically written coding for the web templates. This is why if you put in a web template, and get it back an hour or two later, you will have an automated and most likely faulty product on your hands.
If you deal with a manually coded from scratch PSD conversion, you are dealing with a much more professional service. If you are considering who to business with – deal with a company who broadcast manual coding and the importance of it. Here are some of the reasons why manual coding is important;
Images are optimised – With the images being edited, rasterised and optimised to ensure that they show up well on any web browser or e-mail client, you can herd in the audience with the quality of your designs. No matter how big it becomes, it will not lose quality and will load quickly. The coding matches the quality, too. It will be tracked down within the coding and any errors will be fixed before arrival.
SEO-Friendly – When designing a website, many people do not factor in the importance of images. Remember, the search engine crawlers cannot look at the picture – they can only read what it is listed as. If you can have your images optimised and made sure that they are delivered with precision and directions, you can list yourself better on the Search Engine rankings. This allows for natural and easy high-ranking web pages to be designed, which in turn will bring you more traffic who stick around because of the quality of your graphics.
Accuracy – The accuracy of your coding is vital too. Automatic coding is usually presumed to be fine, so is just sent off without testing. Manual coding is tested at every single junction, so you can be assured that it is both accurate and optimised. If the coding is written properly, it will incorporate well-written comments throughout too, so that you can fully understand what each part means and what you need to work with.
If you are looking for a PSD conversion and design company that can work with any template, on any format, and also bring you quality graphics, look no further. We work exclusively with manual coding and make sure that we always produce the best quality web templates and images for you, no matter the situation or environment. If you are interested in ordering any of our services, then please click here to discuss it with us further.

Converting Website Content from PSD to HTML Developer’s Services

When looking for the right company to come in and re-design the look and feel of your website and marketing ventures, you need to pick wisely. If you do not, you can end up with a sloppy and unremarkable job which leaves you with more questions than answers. Have a look around the top firms on the Search Engines, and take it from there.
This is a vital part of any business and its dealings. Showing off your quality through the medium of images is always a good way to go, and we highly recommend making the most of this. However, if you are going to spend money to have your website content, images, and design converted from PSD to HTML or WordPress, then you need to get the right people to do the work for you.
As the usual way things work, with the higher demand in companies looking to optimize images and designs, more and more companies are offering the service, too. With so much choice out there – it can be extremely difficult to deal with everything at once and bring in every factor that you need to.
You want to bring in a group of developers who are both experienced in developing, coding and designing, but also working with you as a client. The work could be perfect, but you need to feel included in the decisions and the design process, otherwise everybody has different ideas and expectations.
Look around extensively for prices and make your decision around this. If the price sounds too good to be true, then avoid it. It will most likely be full of automated script and pasted graphics – you do not want this. Quality over quantity or price is most certainly the case here!
You should make sure that the PSD to WordPress or other formats is converted properly. You need to make sure that they offer the following services;

  • SEO Coding
  • Comments on the coding
  • 100% Money-back
  • W3C Validity
  • Relationship with the seller
  • Cross browser compatibility

If they do not offer all of these above features, then keep looking. To get the best job possible, you need to be picky. We cannot stress the importance of the work you want carried out – there is no reason why things should not work out, you just need to choose the right team of developers.
If you are looking around for a competent, professional and friendly group of PSD converters and designers, then you should really consider us here at Dsquared Media. We offer a premium and friendly service, aimed at you. We work constantly on the quality of our work and what we can provide our clients that can set us apart from the competition, and therefore we make sure we offer as much variety and quality to every purchase you make with us. We offer complete satisfaction guaranteed, as well as the promise that everything we give to you is completely finished and free for you to start working with immediately. If you are interested in ordering any of our services, then please click here to discuss it with us further.
If you are looking for professional website design Florida services, we at Dsquared Media can help. Please call us at 561-654-0237 and speak with one of our trained expert web designers / web developers. You can also contact us online.

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