Branding and Logo Design

At the foundation of a universally-recognized brand identity is creative vision. We make that vision a reality.

The Importance of Brand Recognition

The term “brand recognition” refers to how well-known your brand is to consumers in your target market. Brand recognition is the reason why a simple logo, like the Nike swoosh, is universally recognized and serves as a symbol for an entire company and all of its product lines. Even certain colors can play into brand recognition. For example, both Facebook and Twitter each use an instantly-recognizable shade of blue. When an individual sees these colors, they immediately think (consciously or subconsciously) of those brands. Branding services involve the process of creating a universal, ubiquitous presence for your business that is immediately recognizable. Having a strong brand leads to a greater market presence, consumer recognition, and repeat customers- in essence, customer loyalty. And customer loyalty translates to success.

Branding Services

At Dsquared, we create branding campaigns that get your name out there into the market and tap into large customer bases. We believe that design is one of the most important factors of a business, especially when it comes to marketing and advertising. In many instances, a company is only presented with one opportunity to make a lasting impact on a potential consumer – and branding services play a major role in that precious first impression. Everyone agrees not to “judge a book by its cover.” However, like it or not, most people do judge a book by its cover, no matter how well-written it is. Even the smartest and savviest salesperson may not close a deal due to sloppy design, outdated brochures, etc. All too often, we have seen businesses flounder because of how they have branded themselves. They cannot network without the right business cards. They cannot market without the right promotional materials. They failed to stand out because they have not made themselves stand out — and that’s where Dsquared Media is here to help. We take your business and turn it into a brand.

At Dsquared, we offer everything necessary for a successful branding campaign. From start to finish, we create logos that influence brand identity through superior design and then market that identity through diverse channels. We offer promotional materials like newsletters and brochures, printing services to get your logo on t-shirts and apparel, business cards, websites, flyers, posters, event and tradeshow materials, and print and digital ads. It’s important to have a fusion of design and marketing, which is why we pride ourselves on designing and creating original logos and then effectively marketing them. After all, what is the value of a perfect logo if no one ever sees it? And what is an effective marketing campaign that advertises poor quality work? The formula for successful branding is design and marketing, and at Dsquared, that’s our specialty.

Logo Design

Dsquared Media has designed logos for a diverse range of businesses and organizations. Each one is unique and specifically designed with the client’s needs in mind. From color schemes to symbology and typography, we take the time to make every detail perfect, unique, and accessible to your target market. Being the one and only visual representation of your brand, each logo is visually appealing in its own distinct way, leaving a lasting impression on potential customers.

Our Process:

  • Discovery: First we want to know everything we can about you and your business. What is the value and mission of your brand? What about your company, its goals, and its people? The process of client discovery is about learning as much as we can about your message so we can advertise it to as many people as possible
  • Research: Next is market research. Who or what is your target audience? What is the competition — and how can a logo succeed in making your brand stand out amongst competitors?
  • Application: Before we draw our first preliminary sketches, we must ascertain exactly where and how your logo will be applied. Perspective is key to logo design — the back of a business card is quite different from the tail fin of an airplane.
  • Preliminary Design: During this stage of the creation process, the graphic designers at Dsquared Media apply their creativity, sketching out literally multiple designs for you to choose from. It often takes hours of contrast and comparison, but it is extremely effective. Quality is easiest to recognize when there are many options to choose from.
  • Drafting: We ask you to pick from our top logo concept, perhaps five, six, or seven depending on your branding design package. With your selection narrowed, we proceed to draft revised concepts also for your review.
  • Editing: Rarely does the first draft become the final edition of a logo. Rather, we fine-tune our designs to your wants and needs, adding details, adjusting sizes and changing colors wherever needed and then offering them for your comparison.
  • Development: When you decide upon a final logo design, it goes to print — flyers, business cards, banners, T-shirts, and more! Whatever you need to turn your business into a true brand, we are with you from start to finish.

We pride ourselves on fusing design and marketing so you don’t have to deal with multiple disconnected companies, trying to move your branding into the market. We see projects through from their beginning until their launch onto the market. Our design team works to create your logo and brand, and our marketing team advertises it to your target audience. Dsquared is your one-stop-shop for all of your branding needs, from start to finish.

Where Marketing Meets Design

Beautiful design is important, but without marketing, it doesn’t work. That’s why branding services are so important. The combination of sleek, easily recognizable logos with wide-reaching and comprehensive marketing through digital and print media is how brands become recognizable. At Dsquared, we don’t create beautiful logos without getting them out into the world, and we don’t market sub-par work. That’s why we offer both logos and branding. From scratch, we create an original and appealing logo and brand design, and then we market it aggressively and effectively through a variety of channels. With our branding services, your business is guaranteed to reach more consumers. We only create products we are proud of, so you can be, too. For all of your needs, whether it’s a logo design or a national ad campaign, Dsquared delivers.



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