Contextualized Ad Design

Just imagine being able to advertise specifically to individuals that you know are looking for just what you are offering at the perfect time. That is what contextualized advertising accomplishes.

Have you ever searched for a product or service and then went to another page, only to be advertised via pop up for that product or service you were just searching for? This is called contextualized advertising, which is a design service offered through Dsquared Media!

Our contextualized ad designs allow for specific targeting of customers that are searching for your products or services. Just imagine being able to advertise specifically to individuals that you know are looking for just what you are offering at the perfect time. That is what contextualized advertising accomplishes.

How Does Contextualized Ad Design Work?

Essentially, contextual advertising works by scanning the content of a page that an internet user is browsing and then displays ads based on keywords they have searched for. For instance, if a person is researching great places to buy a puppy, contextual advertising will likely display an ad for a pet shop nearby that advertises the same keywords. Contextual ads are most commonly pop up advertisements, but there are a few alternative designs. Instead of investing in an internet advertisement that will reach many people that aren’t necessarily interested in your product or service, you are advertising to people who have searched for content related to your advertisement. There are a few different ways that a person can be identified for contextualized ad design including:

Customer Demographic- Where an internet user is located, what they care about when considering purchases, and their knowledge of the content searched. Basically, contextual advertising targets an audience that is most likely to make a commitment to your brand from the advertisement.

Customer Internet History- Many people don’t know that customer research can be done to provide information on past sites a user has searched and even past companies an internet shopper has done business with. This knowledge allows contextual advertising to pinpoint an audience that is more likely to spend money online.

Customer Activity- What an internet user is doing at a specific moment in time can help efforts of contextualized advertising by targeting specific individuals at the right time; when they are considering purchasing.

Contextualized Ad Design and Development at Dsquared Media

The design team at Dsquared Media is fluent in creating contextual advertisements that are eye-catching and responsive. Too much content can be overwhelmingly salesy, or inappropriate image placement can lead the eye away from the ad. Our design experts know what is most effective when coming up with a design for your contextualized ad, whether it be geared toward desktop, mobile, or tablet users. Whatever your vision for your internet contextualized advertising, we can deliver.

Get on Board with Technology

Right now, long-standing businesses are kicking themselves for not jumping on the internet train. Advancements are made every year, and internet advertising seems to be on the top of that list of enhancing technologies every year throughout this decade. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to reach more potential online customers that are looking for the kinds of services, products, and customer satisfaction that your brand delivers!
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