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eCommerce is the fastest growing sector of sales in the 21st century. We can help you harness this market with eCommerce site design.

The Role of eCommerce Website Development in the 21st Century

eCommerce is a growing worldwide phenomenon, and every year, the percentage of sales done over the Internet steadily rises. Billions of dollars change hands every quarter simply from online sales. Every good and service can be purchased at the click of a button, and people are taking advantage of the convenience and additional product choices that eCommerce provides. Instead of going to the store to look at clothing, individuals can view clothing lines from stores all over the world. Consumers love choice, and the convenience of online sales lowers costs for everyone- from manufacturers to customers. Not tapping into this booming resource would be a tragic mistake for any business owner, as eCommerce only continue to grow. At Dsquared, we offer custom eCommerce website development to market your business to the correct target audience and promote online sales.

How We Design for eCommerce

eCommerce website development can be tricky because these sites have to be secure but also easy to use. Customers on eCommerce sites need to be able to use their debit or credit card information to purchase products safely and securely, without risking identity theft, but security allows has to allow for ease of use. You can’t sacrifice customer experience for security, and you certainly can’t sacrifice security at all! Successful eCommerce sites depend on a design that utilizes intuitive layout, secure encryption, original and automatically updating code, systems for inventory, and an appealing look. At Dsquared we do it all. Design is important to us, and we pride ourselves on creating sites that are attractive and functional.We don’t just create sites that work well and run smoothly, we make them look good, too! That’s because no matter how much your website is optimized, customers will not even make it to the “Buy Now” button if your site is unattractive or hard to navigate.

What We Can Do For You

At Dsquared Media, we build custom sites with both technical and aesthetic quality. Our expert team is adept at implementing everything your site will need in order to function properly and drive new sales. Here’s what we offer:

  • Content Management System: It can be very difficult to operate a business with no system for organizing and tracking inventory or sales. How can you focus on the most profitable parts of your business if you have no way of analyzing the most viewed and most popular products on your site? That’s where we come in. For eCommerce sites, we always use a system such as Magento, wooCommerce, or WordPress that allows our development team, and you, to easily manage your website and track any changes in online business. No more worrying about complex code or techno-babble just to tweak a simple detail on your website! We use systems that make day to day management of your site easy and hassle free, leaving you more time to build your business and work on your vision.
  • Credit Card Processing: Online transactions are usually processed through credit cards, debit cards, or through PayPal. If your site doesn’t have a working, secure system for processing online payments, there’s no way that even the best business model can translate into profit. At Dsquared, we are experienced in building systems that securely, safely, and conveniently process customer payment information so that you can sell products, and your clients are assured that they can safely make online purchases through your site with no inconveniences.
  • Secure, Encrypted Payment: Ecommerce development means being able to process payment not only efficiently, but also in a secure manner so your customer’s information is not compromised. At Dsquared, we have security encryption experts who design payment methods that ensure the security of each customer’s purchase. This gives your clients all the more reason to trust your site and return again! Let us help you build customer loyalty through trusted, secure payment portals on your site.
  • Customer Relationship Management: Successful eCommerce website development requires the creation of a dedicated customer relation campaign. Customer satisfaction means return visits and more purchases. Don’t just sell products – thrive in selling products with integrated follow-up emails, coupons and discount codes, and online rating generators. At Dsquared, we can create a system for you that manages customer relations for you, so you can build your brand and encourage repeat business and provide quality service.
  • Cart & Account Access: Customers must be able to easily access their accounts, view the details of their cart and check for updates on recent orders. We can make that happen with original coding, flexible and modern design, and technical expertise.

Watch the revenue of your eCommerce store grow exponentially right before your eyes when you choose Dsquared Media for all your eCommerce development needs! Contact us today for a FREE quote!


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