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Your email contacts can be one of your most powerful marketing channels. With expert design and optimized targeting, Dsquared crafts effective email newsletter campaigns that can generate increased business for your company.

Your email contacts are one of your most valuable marketing tools. Email is still the predominant form of professional communication in the 21st century, and email lists are your window into conversations with business partners, current clients, and potential customers. To fail to utilize email newsletter marketing would be a huge missed opportunity, but creating an email ad requires design and technical skills. That’s where we come in.

Email newsletters may be an effective way to reach customers, but nobody likes spam in their inbox. You also don’t want to create a newsletter that gets automatically filtered as spam and never reaches your intended audience. That’s why it’s important to use an effective email newsletter strategy that appeals to the customer, bypasses spam filters and reaches a relevant audience, and converts to more clicks and more sales.

How We Optimize an Email Newsletter

First and foremost, your email newsletter needs to be relevant and applicable to the people it reaches so that you’re not clogging up inboxes with unwanted information. That’s why our team researches your intended audience, identifies information and services that they are interested in and that your company provides, and creates subject lines that catch the reader’s eye and prompt them to open the email rather than immediately discard it.

Once we have determined your target audience and identified a subject that appeals to the largest potential audience, we begin to create the content on your email newsletter.

Principles of Design

The content of your email newsletter is where design and technology fuse with one another. Our team uses the latest information from consumer behavior studies to construct your newsletter, our design team creates graphics that fit with these patterns and guarantee the highest level of consumer engagement and response, and our tech team ensures that the newsletter is optimized to reach the most people.

People rarely read entire newsletters word for word, and most scan them in order to find the most important or relevant information. That means that lengthy, text-heaving paragraphs are generally lost on customers and may lead them to skip reading your newsletter altogether, and send it straight to the trash folder. This means that you only have a few seconds to capture the reader’s attention once they open your email newsletter. In order to make sure this happens, we collect information from you to determine the most important points you wish to convey, and then write content that appeals to the readers (on subjects that matter to them) that places this information at the top of the newsletter.

We also use consumer information in design concepts. Heat-identifying technology shows that consumers tend to linger on information on the top left side of the screen, so burying important information and graphics at the bottom right loses readers and potential customers. Our graphic design team creates logos and infographics that are placed in the most-read areas of the screen, right in the consumer’s direct line of vision. This ensures a greater chance of customer interaction, and encourages the audience to keep reading. Once they are hooked into the newsletter, there is a greater chance that they will keep reading and come across information that applies to them. This translates to more business and more sales for you.

Optimization and Results

The purpose of an email newsletter is to spread information about your business and to drive traffic to your website. The more people who visit your site, the more business you will generate. Email newsletters capture the attention of consumers for a few seconds, but if they are done right, that’s all you need. Our content writers and designers place links to your site in the sections of the newsletter that customers are most likely to read and identify with. When scanning through the newsletter, your target audience will have the opportunity to click on links back to your site. We utilize this consumer behavior to your advantage. When consumers are browsing the internet, they are looking for certain “keywords” or words and phrases that pertain to what they are looking for. At Dsquared, we use software that collects and studies the most commonly searched words and phrases in your local area. When we identify the terms and phrases that consumers are searching for (through Google or other search engines) we have a better idea of what captures their attention. We can then add these phrases and keywords into a newsletter, and hyperlink them to your site. That means that when a potential customer sees a keyword they have searched for, they can click on it, and it will direct them immediately to your website, where they can order your products and services.

Newsletters as a Tool

Email newsletters are a way to easily reach a wide range of potential customers, but they must be done correctly, with an eye for design and marketing knowledge, in order to be effective. Simple sending out an email with a bunch of text, or mismatched graphics and no links to your site, does not drive traffic or business and may end up with a bunch of unopened emails in trash folders. That’s not going to do your business any good. At Dsquared, we harness marketing tools, technical expertise, and graphic design to make newsletters an effective advertisement and communication tool. With our design and campaign, your email newsletter will drive results in the form of more clicks on your website, which translates to more sales and more profit for you.


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