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Infographics provide consumers with easily digestible information in a format that heavily features graphics. If you want to create a viral marketing campaign, Dsquared can create an efficient and streamlined infographic for distribution for your business.

Infographic design is quickly becoming one of the most important and effective tools in every designer’s toolkit, and for good reason: infographics break down otherwise complex or incomprehensible information and make it easy to read and understand. By adding visually stunning graphics, a quirky sense of humor, or intriguing facts and statistics, they convey more than written words ever can. The number of infographics that have gone viral within the past few years is truly a testament to their incomparable power and reach. Infographics are, simply put, information that is arranged in an aesthetically pleasing way, with graphs, pictures, or charts to break up the text. These designs make it easy to access and understand important info and reach customers who respond well to visual information.

Infographic Design: The New Era of Data Visualization

Infographics (meaning “information” + “graphics”) have actually been around for centuries, and their effect has only grown with technology. Now, professional graphic designers can arrange visually appealing data right from their laptop and upload them onto the Internet with the click of a button. Through the power of social media sharing, they spread from one to millions of Internet users within a matter of minutes. That’s how memes make their way around Facebook and Instagram- infographics disseminate information to millions of people more quickly than print ads ever could.

What exactly motivates so many people to share and discuss these infographics that go viral? It all has to do with the quality of the infographic design. Quality infographics require more than a few tricks with Photoshop. They require not only rare talent and creativity, but an intuitive sense of how human beings process information.

At Dsquared, we take the complex process of a creative project and break it down into simple, comprehensible steps from start to finish. Any given project we take on will comprise dozens of drafts, edits, meetings, and creative briefs — not to mention the constant back-and-forth between the client, designer, developer, writer, project manager, and creative director. The result is a simple, streamlined, informative, and appealing set of information, broken down into easily digestible morsels that appeal to consumers.

What Quality Infographic Design Means

Designing quality infographics is equal parts art and science. While they come in various different shapes and sizes, infographics should:

-Be clear in purpose (what information it is trying to convey)
-Break down data into its most simple, easily accessible form
-Manifest large chunks of information at each level (from broad to specific)
-NEVER distort data
-Be arranged so as to encourage comparisons and contrasts by the viewer

Make the visual and its accompanying text intuitively associated with one another
At Dsquared, we specialize in fusing art with technology. This allows us to produce infographics that convey useful information and that translate visually on a variety of mediums, from phone screens to desktops, without sacrificing artistic visuals. Our content team, graphic designers, and ad team collaborate to create and produce stunning infographics that help you to communicate with your target market.

In addition, we make sure to brand and market your infographic with your logo and information so that anyone who sees it will associate it with your company. If you are interested in how our expert infographic designers can help your business, call Dsquared Media at 561-654-0237 today!

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