Delray Beach Internet Marketing: How Can Pay-per-Click Advertising Help My Business?

Danny Donovan
February 20, 2021

Pay-per-click, or PPC, is one of the more popular and result-oriented approaches to Delray Beach Internet Marketing. The simple explanation is that it is an online advertising model in which the publisher gets paid for every click on an advertiser’s text or banner ad. The not-so-simple part is that there are many ways to run this type of campaign, including through networks such as search engines and contextual ad networks. When running a PPC campaign on a search engine, you have to bid on keywords. As per the rules of demand and supply, keywords with high query volumes that produce a lot of search traffic receive higher bids and will cost more per click.

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Basic categorizations for PPC ad placement include:

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • PPC Ads on Partner Sites
  • Contextual Ad Networks
  • PPC Blog Networks
  • Social Network PPC

Contextual ad networks will enable advertisers to place their ads on a wide variety of publishers offering content related to the ad, in addition to the product, service, website, and company behind the advertisement. The same applies for blog ad networks, which help advertisers place PPC ads on a network of blogs that can together deliver the requisite amount of clicks from a targeted audience. Contacting high-traffic sites and blogs related to the ad content individually can further refine this approach.

PPC ads on social networks are working out better than expected, primarily because users on networks such as Facebook have already provided all their information, such as their interests and hobbies. Facebook can target ads based on your location, relationship status, photos and videos, and what kind of links and information you share with friends. Similarly, Foursquare can help advertisers target users in real-time based on their current location.

If you’d like to get started on your pay-per-click campaign for your website, Dsquared Media can help! Contact us today for more information about our Delray Beach Internet Marketing services.

Did you know?

The average click-thru rate for standard PPC banner ads is between five to nine percent.

The click-thru rate, which is the number of clicks per 100 ad impressions, averages about five to nine percent for PPC banners. This is much higher than other ad systems, which pay per impression or per month/year, primarily because publishers getting paid on a cost per click (CPC) basis put in more effort in terms of ad placement and context.


Danny Donovan
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