February 3, 2017 | Graphic Design

Design Agency Referral Programs: The Basics

Design Agency Referral Program

Web design goes hand in hand with branding, graphic design, internet marketing, and advertising. Almost every design agency or creative organization wants to offer web design as a service, but they don’t like the idea of outsourcing their work. If you or your company want to both have custom websites built for your clients but keep your design portfolio in-house at the same time, Dsquared Media has the perfect solution for you: our web design referral program.

How It Works

Upon making contact with us, you will send us the web design work for your clients, including all proposals, creative briefs, wireframes, etc. Anything that has not yet been attended to will be handled by our designers. We will then draw up our own proposal and send it back to you ASAP to provide you with a figure that you can mark up for your own business.

FAQs About Web Design Referrals

Q: How much will web design cost?
A: Each website we build is custom designed and coded, and as such it will be quoted on an individual basis. However, referral clients receive 10% off for our services, meaning a $2,500 website will only cost $2,250 when referred to us.
Q: Will Dsquared Media demand credit for their creative work?
A: Under normal circumstances, we place our brand name within the footer near the colophon of each site we design. However, this is completely negotiable, and we will not demand that our creative work get recognized as our own.
Q: Do my clients have to know about Dsquared Media?
A: Just as we do not have to place our name in the site colophon, we have no preference with regards to your own clients. If you prefer that they know nothing about us, they will never need to know we exist.
Q: How long will a design take when it is referred?
A: Referrals are given no less of a priority than any other design project, and each is treated on a first-come-first-serve basis. However, we do offer expedited projects for rush projects.
Q: How does my business or my client communicate with you?
A: Dsquared Media prides itself on always being available for any questions or consultations. Upon signing up as a referrer with us, you will be given constant access to our project manager, creative director and web design team at all times during normal business hours.

The Benefits of Web Design Referral

The Dsquared Media referral program is simple and a win-win for all parties involved. Both your design agency and ours reap the benefits of new business, while you are also provided with hands-on access to the service you need: professional web design. For all intents and purposes, Dsquared Media will be your in-house design team.
YOU: Get to retain the business of your clients through your own marketing and branding services.
YOUR CLIENT: Gets a custom designed website built by one of the most reputable studios in South Florida.
If you would like to join our growing referral program or have any questions that were unanswered here, give us a call at 561-303-2361 today!

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