Why Good Website Navigation Is Important

Danny Donovan
March 24, 2021

Website navigation is one of the most important features of any web design. While a graphic design Florida company will work relentlessly on several aspects of the website, including the animation, colors, images, videos and contents, without good navigation all the efforts may be futile.

Website navigation is not just the sitemap. Many people have a perception that the sequence of pages and what pages are on a website along with a sitemap is what navigation is all about. But a Florida web design expert would tell you that everything in web design, such as the layout, the bits and pieces of content on every specific webpage, the manner in which the information is presented and how the pages are all interlinked, is what navigation is all about.

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Today, owing to the widespread use of internet and also because of the change of times, people have very little attention span. Information is readily available, no one likes to wait for a video to buffer and everything has to be done instantaneously. In such times, good website navigation is imperative. No user would bother to look for specific pages or some particular content on a website if it is not easy to find. A website may have priceless content, great offers and lots of finer details that users can truly benefit from but all such features should be quickly available. Users should be able to easily get to the page or the content that they want to see.

Pages on a website need to be interlinked, in some way or the other. This is integral to any company’s graphic design in Florida. Ideally it is the home page where some words, phrases, images or a section would link to the other pages on the website. This facilitates good website navigation. When a user comes across the home page, he or she doesn’t need to wonder what other pages there are and what information can be obtained in each of those pages. Looking at the content on the home page and the associated links, the entire task of getting the information or learning an overview of the website becomes convenient.

For example, check out this Boynton Beach Dentist website that offers a look into each service provided right from the website’s home menu. This is a good example of interlinking pages to get the most “SEO juice” out of one website’s structure.

A South Florida web design team needs to look at many other aspects to facilitate good navigation. For instance, how a user looks at the content on a single webpage is also part of navigation. The offers or the important details should be placed in a manner that it quickly grabs attention. How one sees the website and scans the information is also navigation, albeit it is visual navigation.

Good website navigation is important for users to like a website, to keep returning to it because it is easy to use and for the company to push through important details.

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Danny Donovan
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