How do you get on Google?

Danny Donovan
February 21, 2021

Google is currently the most used search engine on the internet which makes it vital to know how to make sure that one’s site appears as high in the rankings as possible.  This is accomplished in many ways that might seem easy but they are actually carefully done in order to produce the desired results.  Simply producing a website and throwing content on it is not going to be enough to assure high rankings in Google’s search engines.  Its requires knowing what searches are hot and writing with the keywords most searched in mind within the topic that most relates to the website’s content.  Examples of this would be a Florida web design company wants to show up higher on web searches for graphic design Florida and south Florida graphic design.  They would use those keywords to create content.

One way to do this is to write with specific key words or phrases that people use in searches in mind.  Make sure that they appear in the right proportion to the content’s length in order for Google’s mystical inner workings to recognize that this site does have valuable content on this topic.  Keywords could be as simple as Graphic Design  Florida, South Florida Graphic Design, or even Florida web design.  It would be important to have one, or all, of those phrases in the article in order to make sure that it appeared as high as possible in the search results.  There is a careful line that must be held to where it is either not enough or too much.  The article must also appear naturally written while still containing these key phrases.  That means that the writer would have to produce a sentence that used graphic design Florida in that order yet appeared naturally written and not simply salted in there.  It cannot be just a bunch of garbage about south Florida graphic design and hope to show up on a search for Florida web design.  The keywords, in the case of this example Florida web design, South Florida graphic design, and Florida graphic design would have to be put together into content that flowed naturally, provided relevant information, AND contained the right amount of uses for the length of the piece.  That is how companies, people, and organizations get on Google and gain higher rankings in Google’s search.

Danny Donovan
Upon graduation, with little money and a ton of risk, Danny took his project and put his degree into action by starting his own website design business. With little direction, he began to learn the ins and outs of running a website development and marketing agency through trial and error. To start, Dsquared Media resided in a tiny 210 square foot office space located in Delray Beach, Florida that was barely room enough for employees to work. As time progressed, so did Danny’s knowledge on maintaining and running a successful business based on progressive marketing strategies. Currently, Dsquared Media employs 12 media professionals and is located in a space over 7 times larger than the tiny office in Delray. Danny attributes his success to a keen eye for intelligent design and an inspiration to live according to his passions.

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