Dsquared Media has extensive experience providing auditing, designing websites, developing websites, coming up with marketing strategies, branding, and consulting services to numerous eCommerce businesses.

The eCommerce Industry

Do you own, manage or host an eCommerce store? Are you thinking about creating one? If so, don’t spend a cent on your website or marketing campaign until you consult with Dsquared Media! We are not only one of the industry’s leading website design and development company, we specialize in eCommerce website design and marketing. Whereas brick and mortar stores have physical locations, an e-commerce store is 100% online. There is not a store to travel to, nowhere that customers can see the products with their own eyes. For this reason, among many others, an e-commerce website must be not only as informative as possible, but also as trustworthy as possible. Would you trust anything less with your credit card information?

The front page of an e-commerce website should contain content that informs visitors of at least two crucial details: what the website is and what type of products/services it is selling. Factors that make the product different from other companies should also be emphasized on the front page. For example, is the product organic/natural? Is it handmade? What sets your business apart from its competitors? Our design team will utilize this information to emphasize and capitalize on your eCommerce brand’s unique qualities. Your company’s homepage is the ideal location to promote special offers, discounts, and promotions. For example, if a new product has just been released or will be released shortly, it should be promoted above the fold and on the front page. This entails more dynamic and modular web development than many other industries, in which a static front page would suffice. An eCommerce homepage must not only be easy to edit, but it must also allow for editing that does not compromise the page’s overall layout and structure.

When it comes to a quality e-commerce website design, these are the tasks at hand. And our expertise in these fields is the reason your best bet is to trust your eCommerce website design and development to the Dsquared Media team.

Online Marketing for eCommerce

One of the most important aspects of a successful online marketing strategy for eCommerce is webpage design and digital marketing. The homepage of an e-commerce store is important, but Dsquared Media also recognizes that your website as a whole must be aesthetic and informative. eCommerce sites tend to be particularly complex. They contain thousands upon thousands of pages containing information about products, brands, disclaimers, etc. This makes it all the more imperative for such websites to have navigation that is user-friendly and intuitive. User-friendly navigation has the dual benefit of appealing to consumers to keep them on your site longer, and also to drive site traffic toward the “purchase” button that generates sales. If a potential customer cannot easily navigate through the store, then they will in all likelihood take their business elsewhere. Depending on the website’s specific needs, Dsquared Media will sketch out the best navigation from the moment we lay out the wireframes. Whether it’s a drop-down menu, sliders, breadcrumbs, all of the above, or something else entirely, we’ll plan and execute your site’s navigation for unparalleled user experience. Successful online marketing doesn’t end with website design. Email newsletter campaigns and quality text content keep repeat customers informed about promotions and sales, and interested in your product. Our technical experts understand how to craft a targeted email newsletter campaign that reaches your customer base and keeps the informed, our design team ensures that these notifications capture the reader’s attention through graphics, and our content writers utilize popular search keywords to reach a wider audience and to pique the interest of potential customers.

eCommerce Website Design

Consumers want to gather information on products that they intend on purchasing. In a brick and mortar store, this is easy, but in the eCommerce industry, it requires an intuitive and sensible design layout. An eCommerce website design must contain plentiful amounts of pictures and graphics that match the text content and that communicate important information to potential customers. Photos also need to be arranged in an appealing fashion, using a coherent color scheme and streamlined layout. They should also be featured in areas of the screen that web users most commonly view, such as above the fold and closer to a left-side alignment. Our web design team and market research experts collaborate on these tasks to ensure that the graphic elements of your eCommerce website design are attractive and functional, and generate the most business for your company.

In the realm of web design, text content is also important. Detailed product descriptions tell a consumer everything they want to know about a product. Having the correct dimensions on a product, for instance, is vital. A comment and review section is also essential for creating, managing and retaining relationships with your clients. As existing customers leave their feedback, new ones will get a better idea of how the product works when they buy it. In order for these features to be effective, they have to be useful in both content and placement. Our coding experts can develop systems for customer communication channels that are easy to use and encourage interaction, and our content writers ensure that the text of each section draws the reader’s eye.

What truly sets eCommerce website design apart from other industries is the backend development they entail. No other type of website warrants such an urgent need for security, dynamic markup, or complex database management. Your server needs to be effectively set up and programmed to handle the complex needs of your e-commerce store. Databases must be able to manage thousands of product SKUs with custom fields such as shipping, costs, accessories, and product dimensions. The server must be able to deliver dynamically-generated web pages based on a user’s query (if they search for a product that meets x, y and z criteria). And your website’s security must be absolute, encrypting payments and efficiently communicating with payment gateways such as PayPal. In order for customers to trust their sensitive financial information to your website, all of this must be developed with expert technical knowledge. Building out the backend of an e-commerce site may sound intimidating, but with the Dsquared Media team on your side, there’s nothing to fear. We possess the ecommerce website design, technical, and creative skills to launch a successful and accessible eCommerce site no matter your product specialty. From wireframes and user interface to front-end coding and back-end development, we’re your go-to web design professionals!

Branding for eCommerce

Brand identity is more than just logos and stylistic choices; it’s what sets your business apart from millions of other eCommerce options. The highest-quality product inventory available isn’t useful to building your business if consumers don’t automatically associate your products with your brand. Your brand identity is the story of your company, and it’s developed through addressing a few different angles. First is the company logo. Our in-house graphic designers collaborate to create an image that you feel best represents your company. From typography to images, the tagline to the color scheme, we work diligently to craft a logo that expresses your company’s goals and appeals to your client base’s aesthetic preferences. Beyond logo creation, our designers work to ensure that your website has a cohesive brand-identity through font, color, layout, call-to-action boxes, and text content that reflects your company’s strengths. If you need custom graphic design, for example, a stamp image that can be utilized in product packaging, we can create that for you as well. Overall, the brand identity of your site should communicate your vision, products, and philosophy clearly to your target audience. Through strategy and consulting services and well as brand identity development, Dsquared Media can use branding to make your eCommerce business a household name.