Is your educational institution utilizing the internet to expand the reach of people it may educate, maintain positive relationships, and gain new students?

Are you an educational service provider, university, or school? The growth of online resources and the ability to rate any type of service digitally is now affecting the online education industry. When individuals wish to seek higher education, different schools for their children, or specialty educational classes, they no longer look up your services in the yellow pages; take their search online. Is your institution on board with gaining a positive and influential online environment that represents your school, university, or educational service? Dsquared Media has experience in providing digital needs for a number of different companies that provide educational classes and services. Teachers, students, parents, and potential learners come to your site to receive specific information or services that you provide, so understanding what they want is vital to maintaining an effective online presence for your institution. Whether your website focus is providing instructional materials or transforming online leads into engaging students, we have an online solution that can help your company.

Branding for the Education Industry

Your institution isn’t looked upon as a school to gain education, it is thought of as an opportunity for a successful future. Branding is how your students, teachers, and others identify your entire organization, so it should embody their hopes for a higher or extended education. Our branding specialists can come up with defining characteristics of your educational institution or website to utilize in the production of logos and other branding services so that you are represented according to your ideals. We are dedicating to representing your facility or online educational presence in a way that incorporates a vision that you may already have, or otherwise incorporates the mission of your schooling. Once you have a brand identity associated with your educational establishment, it can be utilized in a number of different marketing efforts like business cards, brochures, pamphlets, websites, email blasting, and more.

Web Design for the Education Industry

Online presence and utilization of educational services are still relatively new concepts, but innovative technology is sure to convince potential students that you are on top of the industry incline. The website design and development team at Dsquared Media is here to offer you the best in functionality for your educational website. Engage with students or potential students right on your website through chatroom options and messages, deliver informational content, and impress new website visitors with an interactive and creative design concept.

Mobile Web Design- Do you want your website to be able to transfer fluently to mobile, tablet, and laptop versions? About 40% of Google searches are believed to be done through a mobile device. Additionally, mobile options allow students to check grades, submit assignments, and receive pertinent information on the go. All of our educationally focused websites are custom designed and coded to be able to work for both desktop and mobile versions so that your students have online access to your institution wherever they go.
Landing Pages- Wanting to reach out to a specific audience that may be interested in furthering education? Need to promote a special tuition price or class? Landing pages create mini websites that are an extension of your current website that can be used as an advertising tool to target specific audiences. Dsquared Media designs and develops landing pages according to specific use and approach so that they have the best chance of successfully converting individuals who “land” on the landing page into students.

Responsive Web Design- Looking for an education website that performs optimally at all times? Constantly having to resize images, pan your website, or get stuck scrolling for an eternity until you reach the bottom? Responsive web design assures that your custom website will flow and work smoothly, no matter the technology utilized to view the website.

Ecommerce Web Design- Desiring a way to implement taking tuition and fee payments on your educational facility’s website? Wanting to include a university bookstore to your college site? Our e-commerce design pages can incorporate ways to give and take payments as well as include shopping carts for your students and other visitors of your site.

Web Design Referral- Have a client that performs services for the educational industry? We provide a 10% discount for outsourced website design projects. Keep your clients while providing what they need with our web design referral program.

Marketing for the Education Industry

Want to utilize your internet presence as a way to enroll more students interested in the education industry? Potential students are all over the internet waiting for you to create a relationship with them. But how do you accomplish that? Internet marketing strategies allow you to target people searching for educational services that you provide and also retarget individuals that have already visited your website. At Dsquared Media, we pride ourself on not only coming up with beautiful web designs but even more so our dedication to making those designs work in coordination with marketing efforts that work to boost business by increasing customer opportunities. Don’t just advertise; advertise to the right audience!

Social Media Marketing Campaign- Have social media sites but are not quite sure how to utilize them to convert users into customers or students? Our social media marketing campaigns work to constantly update your accounts so that your students, parents, and educators can maintain a relationship with your institution at all times. Along with maintaining relationships, receiving helpful reviews, and increasing word-of-mouth for your business social media provides many options to advertise to users.

Display Advertising and Retargeting- You can’t target specific people that are looking for education services you offer by handing out flyers, but you can with display advertising. This method allows you to target internet users who have recently searched for keywords related to the educational services that you provide. Additionally, retargeting marketing efforts allow you to advertise specifically to people who have visited your site recently. Make your investment into advertising count and market to those who are more likely to need your services.

Local Search Engine Optimization- Wondering how institutions get to the top of search engine results? It is the result of successful local search engine optimization campaigns! Google and other search engines rank websites by their relevance to searched keywords and phrases and also their internet credibility. To gain credibility, local SEO campaigns work to make your website content both reliable and credible. Additionally, local SEO focuses on backlinking efforts to showcase your website on other credible sources, which is also important for search engine rankings.