Food & Restaurant

What Dsquared Media understands about the food and restaurant industry is that the target market is diverse, so web designs and marketing campaigns must also be diverse and reflect the needs of our particular client.

Having a website for the food and restaurant industry should be different than a retail website for a business such as a grocery store. When people go out to eat, they expect an experience, whether that’s a convenient and affordable weeknight meal or a romantic, special occasion celebratory dinner where they plan to splurge a bit. The main topic of these sites and website marketing strategy options are food, so appealing pictures should be one of the main focuses of these endeavors. For the food and restaurant industry, design and marketing are a bit different. For some people, food is an impulse purchase based on hunger and the availability of a great deal. In these cases, print marketing is a great way to spread the word via door flyers that offer coupons and promotional deals. For other people, easy and convenient delivery service is what they are looking for. Food businesses that focus on this market should have user-friendly, streamlined sites that allow for easy ordering and secure financial information input. The food industry in diverse- some clients are looking for reservations for a special occasion, and expect luxury service and quality meals. In these cases, for restaurants that cater to the luxury market, a print flyer campaign is unappealing and nonsensical, and an ordering option online is probably not a desirable feature. These sites should feature simplified reservation options and sleek, clean and high-quality photos of the restaurant venue and fine dining options.

What Dsquared Media understands about the food and restaurant industry is that the target market is diverse, so web designs and marketing campaigns must also be diverse and reflect the needs of our particular client. We have experience in working for a variety of food businesses, and we understand how to tailor our marketing and web design to deliver a quality product that addresses the individual needs of each of them.

Website Marketing Strategy for Food and the Restaurant Industry

A website marketing strategy for a food business or a restaurant requires attention paid to the changing market and an emphasis on current specials and deals. Part of this website marketing strategy involves menu design. A successful website marketing strategy campaign will feature an easily accessible menu that changes to reflect seasonal offerings, new dishes, specials, and promotional deals. If the restaurant caters to a clientele that is interested in affordable pricing, the web design and website marketing strategy should emphasize this through boldly featured menus with pricing information that appeals to this audience. For these industries, a marketing campaign that includes an email newsletter with coupons for web ordering is also a very effective strategy. Our team is experienced in creating these marketing tools, which drive more business to your online site and maximize orders. Through graphics, marketing strategy, and design, our team can create an email campaign that advertises specials to your customers and brings them in with deals and coupons.

For luxury and fine dining, different online marketing tactics are necessary. Niche restaurants that cater to certain diet restrictions, such as vegan options, should feature this information on their site in order to draw that particular customer demographic. Special features, such as locally-sourced ingredients, gluten-free options, or guest chef creations should be an important aspect of online marketing for restaurants that offer these options. In these cases, a website marketing strategy should be focused on text content that advertises the high quality of ingredients or exclusive training of chef staff in a refined and polished manner.

The key to online marketing for the food and restaurant industry is understanding your clientele. At Dsquared Media, we are proud that our process begins with consulting with our clients so that we can develop a strategy that most effectively targets the identified customer base and employs the best approach toward reaching that end. No matter the style of your business, we have the experience and skill set to create an individualized, unique, and most importantly effective marketing campaign for your restaurant.

Web Design for the Food and Restaurant Industry

The design of your restaurant’s website should reflect the atmosphere of your business. If the restaurant is a fine dining atmosphere with suggested attire, the website should reflect that and look as sophisticated as the restaurant itself. If the restaurant specializes in a fun atmosphere with live music or a dance floor, the website should feature information and graphics that communicate that. For example, muted, sophisticated colors work best for websites for fine dining locations, while bright primary colors are usually a better option for family-oriented restaurants. Color scheme is only one of the many factors our team uses in formulating a website design for a client in the restaurant industry.

The website design for this field should also be easy to access and navigate. The main categories of a restaurant site should feature the menu, information about the history of the restaurant (for branding purposes) and information about hours, locations, and contact routes as well as any relevant specials. This information should be easy to see, and accessible through a drop-down menu. If a user is unable to find the information they need or the site navigation isn’t user-friendly, they will likely move on to the next website. Our design team always creates sites with these considerations in mind in order to create a website that drives business for your restaurant.

For a lot of restaurant and food businesses, online ordering is becoming increasingly popular. Most people like to order things online for the purpose of convenience. If your restaurant is casual and offers take out, having an order online feature is very convenient for your customers. Building portals that allow for easy ordering and secure input of financial information for customers is crucial, and our team of code experts and design specialists are experienced in creating these features for restaurant businesses.

Ultimately, your web design should reflect the feel and atmosphere of your restaurant and lend itself to the promotion of the features that make your business stand out. Our design team is committed to creating user-friendly sites that adhere to these principles and ultimately grow your business.

Branding for Food and the Restaurant Industry

Branding for the food and restaurant industry requires a fusion of marketing and design. Every aspect of your digital and print media presence contributes to brand identity. Dsquared is experienced is incorporating all of the elements of branding to create a cohesive identity for our clients who work in the restaurant industry. We create and design logos that express the style of your restaurant and appeal to your customer base. We also offer print media, in the form of flyers, t-shirts, and ads to promote your restaurant and spread the word about what you offer. These services are always rendered with an eye kept on how they contribute to brand identity. Rewards systems and promotions, as well as mobile site design, help to communicate with your customers, foster loyalty and repeat business, and increase your market presence. All of these aspects of branding are what we specialize in at Dsquared. We look forward to fusing design with marketing to promote your business and ultimately boost your profits.