Home Improvement Industry

If you’re in the business of building, we can help you build your business.

A new home or a remodeling project is one of the biggest investments most people will make in their lifetimes. Naturally, this means that when choosing a home improvement supply company or contractor, or choosing a construction business for home projects, most buyers are going to be very selective and particular about the business they patronize. That’s why it is vital for business owners in the home improvement industry to stand out amongst the competition and to maintain a market presence that is trustworthy and appealing and reaches the maximum number of potential customers. Owning a business in the home improvement industry comes with a high overhead due to the need for expensive and high-quality materials, so it’s important that these business owners see a significant and worthwhile payoff from their investments and hard work. That’s where Dsquared Media can help. Our team has experience in web design, branding, and marketing for several home improvement and construction supply companies, and we have helped these businesses to grow and to build their customer base through the use of superior design principles and targeted marketing techniques. If you own a business in the home improvement industry, we have the experience and expertise to launch your company into the next level of customer satisfaction and profits.

Online Marketing for the Home Improvement Industry

Safety, appeal, and knowledge are three of the most important factors potential customers look for when choosing a home improvement supply or contracted labor company. When customers look at your site, they need to be able to easily access product information and quickly find the materials they are looking for. In the construction business, time is money, and most people aren’t going to waste time digging through multiple pages of material to figure out whether or not your company offers the supplies they need for a DIY or commercial construction project. Our work with Industrial Ladder is an example of Dsquared’s ability to use targeted online marketing to quickly reach customers and convert them into repeat buyers. We use keyword-driven content as a part of an SEO campaign to help potential customers access Industrial Ladder’s online construction supply store and easily find what they are looking for. Our online marketing campaign finds keywords that customers in a locally identified area are searching for and then produces content that appeals to these consumers. This keyword-driven content also helps the site rank higher on Google and other search engines, so that when someone is looking for a particular supply item, one of the first sites they see is our client’s. Through online marketing, we are able to help companies within the home improvement industry increase their market reach, become more accessible to potential customers, and appeal to their target audience. This all culminates in increased trust in your business as an industry leader and drives more site traffic to your web page, converting into more profit for your company. Through online marketing, Dsquared Media helps to build home improvement business for our clients, so that they can focus on helping customers build their vision.

Web Design for the Home Improvement Industry

When people look for a renovation company or a construction supply site, they are often looking for a particular service or item, and they are also generally focused on high-quality products and services. No one who is looking to do a big remodeling project on their home is going to trust a less-than-professional looking website, and serious contractors are not going to purchase construction materials from a company that appears to be unknowledgeable about their product offerings. That’s why effective and appealing web design for the home improvement industry is so important. The Dsquared Media team has lots of experience with web design for this industry, and we take pride in producing sites whose design facilitates more customer interaction and more business for our clients. These web pages should have high-quality photos to showcase renovation work and pique consumer interest, and the pages should be easily navigable. For improvement businesses, contact information and worker credentials (licensing, etc.) should be prominently displayed to instill trust in potential buyers and make contact easy, which helps facilitate a sale or contract. For supply companies, potential customers should be able to easily move through product pages, content should be relevant to graphics, and the purchase portal needs to be secure as well as easily accessible. All of these elements contribute to a professional design that attracts customers and turns site clicks into profit. Our content and graphic design team are experienced at creating home improvement industry sites that appeal to the target demographic, and we specialize in the use of design principles to promote our client’s business.

Branding for the Home Improvement Industry

Digital media and print media should both always serve to promote your company’s brand identity. For the home improvement industry, this is tricky because supply companies often deal in multiple product brands, and renovation companies must reach customers without over-saturating the market with unprofessional ads. Fortunately, at Dsquared, we have experience with branding for both of these types of businesses within the home improvement industry. For supply companies, it’s vital that your business brand doesn’t get lost within the brand identity of the products you offer. This means that web design must be fluid and streamlined, maintaining your unique brand presence on each page, and that all print media needs a recognizable, attractive and well-crafted logo to instill your company’s name within the minds of potential customers. Our web and graphic designers specialize in creative logo creation that produces instant brand recognition in the market so that your company always stands out among competitors and becomes associated with the brand-name supplies you sell. Our web design is always conducted with an eye for ensuring that your company’s unique feel is seamlessly present throughout your site. For renovation companies in the home improvement industry, branding needs to be strong but subtle, capitalizing on your already-existing customer base and their positive experiences with you. This is where print design comes in. At Dsquared we can design t-shirts that can be worn at work and by customers, creating a mobile, free advertisement for your business. Our print and digital media work in this sector of the economy always involves developing a personal relationship with customers to increase your word-of-mouth sales. We do this through creating portals for customers to leave positive reviews of your work, and company newsletters and fliers that show off recent projects, inform customers of company changes, and facilitate a personal relationship between you and your clientele. All of our branding work in this area helps to expand your business, create a positive brand identity, and ultimately grow your company profits. If you own a business within the home improvement industry, we have the unique experience, qualifications, and industry knowledge necessary to help form and grow your brand identity so that your business can reach new goals and more customers.