Dsquared Media has a long and full history of collaborating with a wide variety of medical companies and professionals, and we have worked on web design, marketing, and SEO campaigns for a wide range of medical industry clients.

Medical websites must be, above all, highly professional in content and design. The website should reflect a business and staff that is clean and friendly, as well as the availability of high-quality professional care and medical experience. The address, phone number and office hours should be on the front of the website. Those are the most searched features for medical businesses, and your website should prominently feature this information to increase the number of booked appointments. This is just one aspect of developing a successful medical industry website, and the reason we understand this (and every other factor that influences development in this industry) is because we are experienced in working with medical businesses. Dsquared Media has a long and full history of collaborating with a wide variety of medical companies and professionals, and we have worked on web design, marketing, and SEO campaigns for a wide range of medical industry clients, including dentistry offices, urgent care facilities, and addiction rehabilitation programs. This diverse portfolio has helped us to develop the unique skill set that the medical industry requires for successful web design and marketing web solutions.

Online Marketing Web Solutions for the Medical Industry

One of the best strategies for a professional service like a medical facility is through word-of-mouth referrals and reviews. Testimonials are the online equivalent of word-of-mouth advertising. Not only do testimonials give a medical website a personal feel that instills trust, they communicate the positive aspects of your practice to other potential patients. When someone requires a medical service, selecting a provider can be a nerve-wracking process. Testimonials from real patients that speak positively about your services build trust with potential new clients by developing “social proof.” Social proof is the web design equivalent of the phrase, “show me the money.” It means demonstrating value in a way that goes beyond mere words and lip service. Testimonials are a quintessential form of social proof, as are awards, accreditations, and certifications. Anything that demonstrates a facility’s credibility will build trust, and if visitors to the facility’s website feel that they can trust your practice, they are more likely to call for an appointment or admission. We help our medical industry clients build social proof through displaying testimonials prominently on the front page of your site, and through organizing them in such a way that is noticeable without being overwhelming. Additionally, we online market for medical industry professionals through networking with popular blogs and websites in order to get your practice listed in online directories used by patients to find services they need. Through this process, we create a targeted and effective online marketing campaign for our medical industry clients that generates more business and regular clientele.

Blogs are also very beneficial in an online marketing campaign for medical industries. We have successfully used blog campaigns created by our content writing and SEO team to provide patients with information about new medical developments and services, which keeps potential clients interested in your site. The longer web users browse your site, the more Google and other search engines move your site up in ranking. This means that your site will eventually be listed earlier and earlier under Google searches, causing more people to click on it and generating more business. Longer browsing times also mean more interest in your business, which helps to encourage web users to schedule an appointment or seek more information about what you offer. Fresh text content in the form of blogs also drives web traffic to your site based on keywords. Our team uses programs to determine the most commonly-searched terms in your area that pertain to your medical field, and then by using these terms in blog posts, we make your site more visible to people using search engines who are looking for a medical service.

Our team of graphic designers cover the creative angle of online marketing for the medical industry, by creating banner ads, contact forms, logos, and site graphics that are appealing to web browsers but that also maintain a high level of professionalism. Marketing web solutions for the medical industry require a unique and specialized approach. Our experience in this field has given Dsquared Media the skill set required to successfully develop and launch a medical industry marketing campaign web solutions.

Web Solutions and Design for the Medical Industry

Web design for medical facilities must be specialized. At Dsquared Media, we always create a staff page that features pictures and bios of doctors and staff in order to create a personal bond with patients and instill trust. Clients are more likely to patronize an office where they feel comfortable and where they have a connection with the staff because medical procedures are often personal in nature. For services, potential patients want easy access to information about what your facility offers. If this information is not readily available, browsers will often move quickly to another site rather than dig around on a disorganized platform to find answers to their questions. For these sites, our web design team creates a drop down menu of services to create a high quality, user-friendly experience that drives business. A full list of everything the company provides should be available when the user clicks on the services link, and site navigation should be directed toward making this information easily accessible. Web design at Dsquared Media is focused on ease of use, and our content writing team researches medical procedures and terminology in order to accurately convey the details of each service provided to potential patients.

Another aspect of a successful medical business is convenience. Most potential patients have full schedules and busy lives, and convenience is a driving factor in their decisions regarding medical care. Being able to make and change appointments directly on a facility’s website is a great feature for clients. This requires specialized coding and portals to keep appointments and schedules organized and easy to access for patients. In our web designs, patients can create a username and password for a personalized account, which allows them to store and access their patient information and set up appointments with a simple click of a button. This is convenient for patients and for you, the provider and your auxiliary staff. This information is available to administrative staff so that schedules are easily accessible and organized to streamline office management.

It is crucial to feature contact forms across each page of a website for a medical facility. While many appointments are made via phone, many others come directly from the website itself. Contact forms remove an important barrier to conversions (i.e. the need to leave the website and call), so utilizing them effectively will mean strategically designing them and placing them in optimal locations.

All of these design details are crucial elements of an effective medical industry web design. At Dsquared Media, our team collaborates to approach design with all of these angles in mind, to build a professional, accessible, and informative site that benefits both providers and their patients.

Branding Web Solutions for the Medical Industry

The website of any medical facility should look professional and reflect how seriously quality treatment is taken at the facility. Does it look professional? Are there testimonials, implying that it is an established business? What specific services do they offer, and do they have experience in providing those services? What are the insurance and self-pay policy options? What is the focus of the facility? Is it a family practice for regular care and check-ups, or an urgent care facility for emergent medical needs, focused on quick pace of service? These are the important questions that potential patients will ask when considering your business, and they also form the framework for brand identity. Your brand should reflect your mission statement, specialty, clientele base, and expertise. Our team of graphic designers, content writers, and marketing specialists will consider all of this information when creating a cohesive brand identity for your facility.

The general site structure for your business should incorporate facility pictures and mission statements to clearly communicate your brand of services, in order for future patients to make an informed decision. A simplistic design lends an air of experience and quality to your site, and contributes to the brand identity of medical professionalism. All logos and site displays for medical industry clients will be designed by our team with this in mind. The entire look and feel of your site and marketing campaign will be targeted toward communicating to potential patients the high quality and specialized services you offer at your facility.

A professionally designed website is an indispensable asset for any medical facility. It serves as both a repository of useful information as well as the official representation of the facility brand on the web.

However, experience has taught us that medical facility websites and marketing campaigns must, above all else, serve the facility and generate business. This means funneling more leads and converting potential patients into patients. This is where branding web solutions come in. Through strategy development and consulting sessions, we help identify your target demographic of patients and then tailor web design and marketing campaigns to specifically appeal to that target audience. From logos and graphics to blog sections and testimonials, our team creates a brand that appeals to the patients you wish to attract to your facility.
Since our founding, Dsquared Media has been the go-to agency not only for web design but specifically for medical web design and branding web solutions. Many of us are personally involved in this industry, and our team as a whole has acquired an intimate knowledge of it throughout the years. With our skill set, experience, and specialized knowledge regarding the medical industry, we can build and brand an identity that will generate more patients for you and your business.