Real Estate

At Dsquared Media, we understand that a functional website by itself isn’t enough to instill trust in your client base, and user-friendly, interactive features that drive business are useless without a design that captures the potential client’s attention.

The Real Estate Industry

Buying a piece of property is a big deal, and potential real estate clients want to know that they are working with a company they can trust. A customer is unlikely to make such a large investment without feeling assured that their agent or company is experienced, qualified, and attentive to their unique needs. Customers want to know their realtor has their best interest in mind when choosing an organization or independent agent to work with. As with everything, a website with all the “bells and whistles” will allow customers to breathe easier and trust that they are in good hands. What this means is that real estate industry websites need to prominently convey their qualifications and experience so that the customer immediately feels confident. On a website, this means that the design and layout need to be user-friendly and intuitive, and also be based upon the market research into what appeals to that particular client base.

Easy access to information and photos of the home or property are essential, and so is a website that is set up in a logical, easy-to-use format. Nothing conveys both trust and information more than a website for the real estate industry, which should always look professional and experienced.

Having pictures of the surrounding areas on the main page will give the audience a feel of the area they will be looking at. Displaying testimonials will demonstrate both the value and credibility of this real estate agent. Featuring contact forms and calls to action will result in more leads, more sales, and more business.

There are a number of key special features that are important for any quality real estate website to have. Real estate websites, more than other industries, need search bars, multiple listing services (MLS), and maps to be designed and coded into the website for functionality and easy use.

At Dsquared Media, we understand that a functional website by itself isn’t enough to instill trust in your client base, and user-friendly, interactive features that drive business are useless without a design that captures the potential client’s attention. That’s why we focus on both aspects of design and marketing for our real estate clients.

We focus on three approaches that come together to create the best print and digital marketing campaign for you:

Online Marketing for the Real Estate Industry

Using a plethora of strategies, Dsquared Media will create for you a site that attracts visitors and converts them into customers. We specialize in online marketing for real estate. Beyond your website design, we will work with you on making you visible in search engines, on social media, and create anything from local to nationwide campaigns to get your site in front of as many people as possible.

Our graphic designers can create an easy-to-use, appealing site layout that will catch the reader’s eye, display property listings, and draw them toward your contact page to generate business.

Our in-house content writing experts don’t just write interesting text for welcome pages or property listings; they specialize in detailed and engaging blogs about niche topics. Not only does this interest readers, it’s highly accessible- our writers use a process called SEO to use these blogs to make your site more visible to search engines, and as a result, potential customers. By adding commonly searched “keywords” to your web content, our writers can appeal to your local base by making your site pop up when they search those terms. This drives more traffic to your site and more business for you!

We also manage social media and keep your pages up-to-date and fresh in order to tap into a growing market.

Dsquared media is the expert in marketing campaigns – whether it’s a huge, nationwide campaign or specialized, local project. We use tactics that will get your page attention – and drive more traffic your way! More traffic means more business, and we do it all while maintaining quality creative design.

Web Design for the Real Estate Industry

Dsquared Media knows how to do web design for real estate in a way that will set you apart from the competition. In today’s world, functionality is a must, or clients will move on to the next option. We ensure that the content on your pages will be appropriate and engaging to get users to spend more time exploring your listings via your website. We will organize your website so that things are clear and easy to find- and work with you every step of the way to make things custom-built just for your market.

There are certain elements that are always necessary to incorporate into a website, regardless of its type. However, real estate is quite unique in what it must feature. Specific items, such as search bars and maps, must be included, designed, and coded into the website of any realtor or real estate agency.

Maps are, and should always be, heavily featured on real estate websites. For realtors with a wider clientele, it is often a good idea to have a map indicate the locations of all the properties available. Displaying a map will also inform people on what each property is near. How close is it to the beach? How far away from the grocery store is it located? These can be the determining factors in a sale, and it’s always useful to provide this information right on the website.

Other useful tools include having an easy to navigate search function so that people can find what they are looking for by MLS number, price, real estate agent, or location.

The easier the properties are for people to find, the better the chance of them becoming buyers or renters. MLS integration is another important aspect of a real estate website. All the important information, such as application fees, exterior and interior features, and other applicable information should be readily accessible for the visitor to your website. Our expert coders can make sure this is featured prominently on your website and is easy to use for visitors.

Branding for the Real Estate Industry

As soon as a person enters your site, you want them to know what they are looking at. Luxury vs. affordable, beachfront to farmland – you need to be upfront and consistent about who you are and what your brand is. From your logo to photos of your facility, the look and feel you wish to convey will be encompassed throughout your website. Your brand will be represented on each page throughout the site, creating fluidity for your clients. Real estate branding is key to getting your business the exposure necessary to build a larger client base.

Buying a house or signing a lease is always a big decision, so a consumer needs to know they are in the right hands. The real estate industry is one that requires thoroughness. Otherwise, people will skip over to the next. An effective branding strategy involves consistency and quality with regard to design and content.

Real Estate Branding includes:

  • Your logo and tagline
  • The look of your website
  • The image you are trying to convey
  • Photos of your agents and properties
  • The feeling you want people to get when they see your listings

In essence, branding is the story of your company. You can trust that Dsquared Media’s branding expertise will create consistency on your website, and we will work with you to portray your company and tell your story in a way that is instantly recognizable and appealing to your client base.