Infographics: The New Essential for Every Marketing Campaign

Danny Donovan
March 25, 2021

Has your company started using infographics as a part of your marketing campaign? If not, now’s the time to jump on board with this trend! As social media focuses more and more on short, digestible chunks of information, you need a way to communicate meaty information in a condensed form. A strong infographic is a solution to this problem!

Why Infographics Are Popular

Since many internet users are becoming uninterested in digging through lengthy content in order to get the data they want, infographics are gaining in popularity. Why? Because infographics can cut through the fluff that often accompanies content and get straight to the core of the idea.

By formatting your content in such a visual way, you can provide the important information succinctly. In one glance, readers can be visually impacted by an infographic in a way that lets them connect on a deeper level with your brand.

Infographics are especially useful for marketers who need to present dense, confusing info. A bullet-point version is easier to digest and more memorable, particularly if you come up with a creative spin for your infographic.

Why You Need Them

Are you still not sure if you really need to invest the time and money necessary for infographic development? More and more marketers are finding that infographics are the most potent weapons in their arsenal of online marketing tools for the following reasons:

  • Engagement and attraction. A bright, informative infographic attracts the eye and provides an immediate connection. Plus, it usually fulfills Google’s requirement that content be compelling and relevant.
  • Scanability. Even if readers only glance at your infographic, they’ll still walk away with an impression about your brand.
  • Traffic increase. Infographics tempt more readers to “share” and “like” your content, which will quickly bring you more traffic from social media. Even better, all of these links to your infographic will cause Google to rank your page higher in the SERPs.
  • Portability. Users can easily embed infographics into their blogs and websites, which automatically creates another link back to your site.
  • Demonstration of expertise. By condensing complex, in-depth knowledge into an infographic, your company can exhibit proof of your expertise on a subject.
  • Repurposed content. Repurposing content that you’ve already created in order to form an infographic allows you to squeeze even more usefulness and ROI out of your original content!

Does your company use infographics as a part of your marketing campaign? What are your best tips for developing infographics?

Danny Donovan
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