Display Advertising

The best kind of internet marketing is the kind that is directed toward a targeted audience. Display advertising is an affordable and effective way of spreading knowledge on your brand, services, or products to a specific targeted audience.

A Target Audience Approach to Advertisement

Display marketing allows for the targeting of specific audience groups according to:

  • Demographics including age, annual income amount, career, gender, geographic location, and others.
  • What they are searching for on the internet.
  • Frequency of site visits and time spent on the internet.
  • Past site traffic to retarget customers.

How Does Display Marketing Work?

In the past, if you wanted to advertise on a website you would have to contact the administrator, set up business initiatives and proposals for the advertisement, and specifically design each ad. Currently, there is display advertising that allows for advertisements to be displayed on specific websites that drive traffic of customers who are searching for content related to services and products your website offers. This eliminates the need to design and develop paid advertisements separately, increases the industries that recognize your brand, and allows for specific audience targeting that has a higher potential for buying your products or services. The innovative change that allows for this audience targeting is called tracking technology. This technology tracks a user’s search history so that audience from certain demographics can be advertised to.

Retargeting: Converting Past Website Visitors into Customers

If specific audiences of people can now be targeted for advertising, what about the people who have previously visited your site and never converted into customers? Retargeting uses tracking technology to advertise your brand, products, promotions, or services directly to individuals who have previously visited your website. This ensures that the advertising that you invest in is being used to target people that you already know are interested in your company. Retargeting is largely successful in changing potential leads into sales, but it is not effective in bringing in brand new clientele. This is why it is important to utilize retargeting with additional forms of marketing; namely, display advertising.

Step One: Find the Target Audience

To gain a feel for who to target with a display marketing campaign, a keyword search to determine which terms are searched for in your area is reviewed. Along with location, key demographics are also searched for to determine who searches for terms related to your business industry.

Step Two: Choose your Method

During this stage, display marketing methods are decided upon and developed. Examples of techniques used in display advertising include banners and landing pages. Banners are website ads with a call to action, or a quick and precise offer or discount along with a way to get to your site with a click. Landing pages are internet pages separate from your business webpage that are designed to promote a specific product, offer, or event. Whatever form of display advertising you choose, you can ensure that it will be readily optimized for peak performance.

Step Three: Reporting Analytics and Adjustments

Once your display advertisement is decided upon, designed, and developed, it is ready to be released into the internet world. During your display advertisement campaign, we will monitor the metrics and analytics of your ads so that you can be sure that your investment into internet marketing is paying off. Additionally, we monitor keywords and demographics constantly so that your display advertisement can be altered to target your desired audience at all times.


Target Specific Internet Audiences to Gain More Leads

Imagine if you could advertise to customers who have already visited your website. With innovative internet marketing efforts like retarget strategies, now you can! Get started with internet advertising today and reach a whole new client base!

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