Pay Per Click Marketing

There is a much more expedient way to generate sales and acquire new leads called pay-per-click (often abbreviated as PPC), and is one of the most favored components of online marketing.

A PPC Campain vs. A SEO Campaign

Working together with a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign, a PPC campaign makes up the whole of search engine-oriented marketing. Both PPC and SEO focus on ranking for the right keywords so that when those keywords are searched for, their websites are listed in association with them. However, whereas SEO revolves around leveraging a search engine’s algorithm to achieve high “organic” rankings, PPC involves paying Google, other search engines, social media organizations, and other forms of internet advertising directly for high placement in their paid advertisements.

How Pay-Per-Click Marketing Works for Google

The PPC model is based on buying keywords, which you bid on against your competitors, from Google. These keywords are phrases and words that customers are searching about your industry in your area. Provided your bid is sufficient, your ads appear on the search results page whenever your keywords are searched. The higher your bid is, the higher your ad will appear (for example, page 1 or even the top listing of page 1 on Google searches). Every time your ad is clicked, you pay Google a rate based on what you have bid, hence the name “pay-per-click”.

Contextual Advertising: A PPC Campaign Strategy

Have you ever done research on the internet and experience advertisements or popups related to products or services that you have previously searched for? This is called contextual advertising, a type of pay-per-click marketing strategy. Instead of matching your website content to words that a potential customer types into a Google search, contextual advertising is a bit different. It scans the content that internet users are viewing to place your advertisements in front of people who are searching for related products, services, or companies. An example would be if a person is researching animals on a website that supports contextual advertising, that person may be subjected to advertising on that page for pet shops.

Benefits of Managing Your Pay-Per-Click Marketing

All too often, business owners have tried to handle marketing on their own. Yet, they’ve found their money and their resources squandered. At Dsquared, marketing is our top priority and the reason we have gained such a stellar reputation. With hard work, technical skill, and constant vigilance, we will help you penetrate the online market and bring you more business than you thought was possible!

Step One: Conduct a PPC Campaign Strategy

Before utilizing funds to advertise your company on the internet, we must determine where, what, and when to advertise to get the best results. This is where are PPC analysis and strategy come to play. Right off the bat, we will conduct a throughout analysis on the PPC campaign you have running currently so that we may determine its success. Then, we will determine other factors like preferred audience targeting, advertising campaign budget, business PPC objectives, and targeted locations. Once all of these factors are determined, a thorough plan of attack for your PPC campaign is created.

Step Two: Implement and Adjust PPC Campaign Strategies

Once a plan of attack is specified, advertisement content, landing page design, and target keywords are developed according to PPC advertising goals. Paid advertisements are closely monitored each day to determine their success in reaching targeted audiences and are adjusted according to their outcome.

Step Three: PPC Campaign Reporting

Each month, to identify business short and long-term paid advertising goals, a comprehensive detailed report will be available for your review. This report includes campaign met objectives, future campaign suggestions, and campaign analytics. This ensures that your PPC campaign investment is worthwhile and effective.


Target Specific Internet Audiences to Gain More Leads

Imagine if you could advertise to customers who have already visited your website. With innovative internet marketing efforts like retarget strategies, now you can! Get started with internet advertising today and reach a whole new client base!

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