An SEO audit can help you determine why your website is not being ranked for on major search engines and sets your business up to gain business through internet searches.

What is an SEO Audit?

Some think that a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign is an option, but for current internet businesses, it is now a complete necessity. Without SEO, companies cannot be ranked for searches on engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Think about it. What do your customers do when they need a product or a service that you provide? They look it up on the internet!

So many businesses that hold websites on the internet understand an SEO strategy as relatable and viable content. Although the content is a big part of what search engines look for, it is not the only factor, or even the most important. Currently, the algorithm used to sort through websites to deem them reliable and useful incorporates a number of different aspects. They search for content related to searched keywords, backlinks to other credible sites, frequent upgrades, response timing, server downtime, page length, headings, and more. SEO is a process; but if you don’t understand how the process works to benefit your business, in the long run, you won’t see a response to your SEO efforts.

How Can an SEO Audit Help?

Google your business or keywords related to the services and products that you provide. Does your company show up on the results? If not, your SEO presence is limited. An SEO audit will allow us to correctly identify areas of your website that could benefit from an SEO campaign. It will also show us where and why your current SEO efforts are neglecting to turn a profit by directing potential customers from search engines to your site. Apart from other SEO agencies, we provide a detailed audit that examines all known aspects of the search engine algorithm. This audit, instead of being generated by a free software, is developed personally by our team of SEO experts and provided to you in a way that you can digest. From there, we develop a specific and unique SEO campaign strategy built to benefit your business by getting you recognized by search engines.

Receiving your SEO Audit

Our SEO auditing service, once performed by our team of SEO experts, will be provided to you in the form of a report. This report highlights the areas of your site that are lacking SEO campaign objectives like broken links, missing titles and tags, and all other issues identified. Our staff is dedicated to getting your internet presence where it needs to be, so from there we will counsel with you on a strategy designed to work for both your website and business.

Our Team of SEO Experts

Our SEO team is experienced in auditing projects both big and small to search for issues that may be affecting internet presence. Yes, we provide creative design for websites, but our main focus is on generating business through internet marketing, and this day and age is all about search engine results. To see what we have done to help other businesses with their online presence, check out our case studies that show real numbers on lead generation and site trafficking brought on by SEO campaign efforts.

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