Getting Ahead of the Competition with Marijuana Marketing

Danny Donovan
July 31, 2018

Here in Florida, just like many other states, marijuana has been legalized to be used in a medical setting. Furthermore, in other areas of the country, it’s even legal to use marijuana recreationally. With these new laws come new businesses and, of course, many new products. However, whether you’re just jumping into this industry or have been around for the first start-up years, you want to stay ahead of the competition. Marijuana marketing, while increasingly competitive, will give your business and products a brand image, business vision, and help to build a customer base. If you’re in the marijuana business, consider these marijuana marketing tips.

Getting Ahead of the Competition with Marijuana Marketing | Dsquared Media

Create a Unique, Comfortable Retail Experience

Your most influential marketing piece is your retail storeroom. Whether or not individuals have experience with marijuana products, first impressions start in your store. People want to feel invited, comfortable and wanted in a retail establishment. Otherwise, they’re not going to want to spend their money on your products. Additionally, marijuana sales and even the entire industry is new. So, your retail establishment may not only be the first impression individuals have of your brand but the industry in general. Consider these points when designing the look of your store. Choose calming, comforting colors. Think about your employee dress code. Even consider where your store is located and the audience you may be tending to. The right interior design can have a lot to do with early business success, especially in the marijuana industry.

Staying in Touch with Your Customer Base Through Social Media

Everyone and their mom has a social media account. It’s a quick, highly convenient way to connect with others. And, it’s all entirely free. Businesses, in the marijuana industry and otherwise, are entirely missing out if they aren’t using social media for marketing efforts. Once you establish a brand and come up with a company mission, you’re ready to get on social media. As soon as you start selling products, social media is one of the few ways returning customers may be able to find you.

Furthermore, social media is a great way to establish a great reputation. Social media offers a way to leave consumer reviews and the ability to communicate with customers in a public forum. With a new business, it’s important to utilize any free marketing strategies available. With time and dedication, social media presence can be an invaluable tool to establish new customer relationships and retain old ones.

Getting Ahead of the Competition with Marijuana Marketing | Dsquared Media

Grow Branding Image with Custom Printed Labels

Finally, another great way to establish great marijuana marketing is to invest in print materials, website design, and other marketing efforts. Once you have a product to sell, you want to make sure it’s as good as it can be. Plus, you want to make sure that customers will feel the need to purchase the item. However, usually, the only thing a consumer knows about a product before buying is what they see on a label.

Marketing efforts help to provide further information, reach more potential customers, and establish a healthy reputation with consumers before they read your label. So, whether you want to rebrand to reach more new consumers or start a brand off on the right foot, don’t take the cheap way out when it comes to marijuana marketing. Invest in a real company with real designers who have real experience, like Dsquared Media!

Need Marijuana Marketing Materials?

We can help with a number of marijuana marketing materials including logos, business cards, websites, social media marketing, content generation, pamphlets, SEO, graphic design, and more! Check out our website and contact us today to get started on your project!

Danny Donovan
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