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Danny Donovan
January 16, 2021

website-design-south-floridaWe here at Dsquared take pride in our work and simply love our jobs. We love helping our clients succeed with amazing designs, and we base ourselves on doing a quality, personal job every time. We don’t need any other thanks then our clients being happy, but of course, it always comes as a nice surprise when external sources recognize our efforts.

That’s why we are incredibly proud to announce that we have been honored to receive an incredible 5 ADDY awards in 2012. If you’re not sure of what ADDY awards are, please read below.

The ADDY awards are the world’s largest advertising competition, with an amazing 50,000 entries every year! Founded in Florida in the year 1960, it was taken on by the American Advertising Federation (a non-profit industry association) and became a national competition in the year 1967.

For Danny Donovan, an employee of Dsquared Media to receive such amazing accolades is something that simply lets us know that we’re on the right track. Out of the thousands of entries for each category, we are honored to receive 1 award, let alone 5. Our dedication and excellence have made us recognized, and we know that this is only the start as we will use this to push forward and create stunning designs at affordable prices for our clients for many years to come.

Of course, it is not only winning these incredible, competitive rewards that make us stand out from the crowd. We guarantee that very few companies offer the same level of creativity, dedication, and professionalism as we do, while also ensuring that their prices remain affordable.

If your business is looking for a website that will be sure to turn heads and get people talking for all the right reasons, while not throwing you into the negative, then Dsquared Media South Florida web design is the only place to look. We are focused both locally and nationally, so it doesn’t matter who or where you are – we have something to suit you.

If you’re still unconvinced, look around our own site, check out our prices and testimonials – we guarantee you won’t find anyone better.



Danny Donovan
Upon graduation, with little money and a ton of risk, Danny took his project and put his degree into action by starting his own website design business. With little direction, he began to learn the ins and outs of running a website development and marketing agency through trial and error. To start, Dsquared Media resided in a tiny 210 square foot office space located in Delray Beach, Florida that was barely room enough for employees to work. As time progressed, so did Danny’s knowledge on maintaining and running a successful business based on progressive marketing strategies. Currently, Dsquared Media employs 12 media professionals and is located in a space over 7 times larger than the tiny office in Delray. Danny attributes his success to a keen eye for intelligent design and an inspiration to live according to his passions.

As of January 14, 2021 - Dsquared Media remains working remotely during the COVID-19 Pandemic. If you need to reach us, please call 561-654-0237 and/or email us at