Business Analytics

In order to function properly and generate revenue, every business must conduct market research and analyze sales, inventory, and profit and cost margins.

A company that doesn’t keep an inventory or regularly assess profit margins and costs isn’t likely to survive for long. The same concept applies to marketing and ad campaigns. Without the use of business analytics tools to assess the competency and efficiency of an ad campaign or website presence, these resources may go to waste. Through our consultation process, we offer services to help grow your online presence, increase customer reach, and tweak your business model to keep up with a fast-paced and changing market.

Design and Marketing

Not sure what your business needs? We can work with that! Some companies with no online presence need a website designed from scratch, some businesses need to increase their advertising with print media, and some companies need ongoing analysis of how their website is performing with customers. That’s why we offer both design and marketing analysis. When you set up a consultation with our team, we will help you choose the services you need. Our team can analyze your web presence and help determine whether you need a new website, changes in your content and graphics to reach more customers, an updated logo design, or a brand new digital or print marketing strategy. Whatever your needs, our consultation team can use business analytics tools target market to identify those needs and then meet them. Whether you need a creative eye for a modern design, a targeted marketing strategy, or both, we can help.

Research and Development for Marketing

Establishing a new business requires dedication and investment, but it also helps to have some expertise on your side. Revamping an already established business requires an overhaul of business practice and fresh innovation. At Dsquared, we assist with every step of these processes with comprehensive consultation services. We begin the process with research. Through analyzing current business trends, we are able to identify your target audience and establish sales and ad techniques that resonate with them. Through research, we can develop a specific plan for your campaign. Our use of tracking systems allow us to identify how many clicks your page gets per month, which sections of your website are most popular, which keywords drive traffic to your site, how much revenue is generated for your business per click, and which aspects of your page are effective in moving your website to the top search results in Google. Through this analysis, we can identify what your target audience is searching for, which keywords and features result in more clicks for you, and the most profitable search terms for your business. With this research, we can maximize your web presence and your sales by altering your site to appeal to your customer base and potential new markets. Choosing Dsquared as your consulting partner means that your marketing campaigns will be effective and comprehensive, and consistently monitored for results so that they can be changed as necessary to maximize customer response.

Design Consultation and Business Analytics Tools

If you have ever had a vision that you dreamed of bringing to life, design consultation is for you. Our expert artists and graphic designers are skilled and experienced at translating your creative dream into a real product that can be distributed throughout the market. Dsquared consultation offers creative design services and business analytics tools for business owners that need a visual concept for their company. We begin by meeting with you and discussing your unique needs, and then we get to work. Our artists create dozens of mock-ups of designs for your review and alter and tweak them until they represent exactly what you want. If you aren’t sure whether you need digital design, print ads, branding, or logos, we can help. Through the consultation process, we can help you to identify your design needs and the approach that best fits your goals. Once we have identified your needs, we produce the highest quality design work for your business to ensure a better marketing campaign and comprehensive brand identity. Throughout the design process, we will meet with you consistently as we develop your logos, brand identity, ads, and digital website layout. After design rollout, we will continue to assess customer response to ensure that the design concept we have created is effectively reaching your customers.

Not Sure What You Need?

That’s why we’re here! We pride ourselves on offering consultation services to help you identify and meet your business needs, whether that is a restructuring of management hierarchy, efficiency protocol, creative ad design, website building, or marketing campaigns. If you don’t know where to start, call us today to schedule a free consultation, so we can get to work on identifying and achieving your business goals.


Target Specific Internet Audiences to Gain More Leads

Imagine if you could advertise to customers who have already visited your website. With innovative internet marketing efforts like retarget strategies, now you can! Get started with internet advertising today and reach a whole new client base!

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