Comprehensive Auditing

Dsquared specializes in digital media analysis to help clients ensure that their web presence is effectively reaching their targeted customer base, and that Internet users have a high-quality experience on our client’s web pages.

Comprehensive Auditing Services

Brick and mortar stores must regularly take an inventory of goods in order to maintain profits and assess the successful and unsuccessful product lines they offer. Without an inventory, business owners have no way of determining how to adjust their marketing techniques or which product lines to focus on. A business’s online presence works in much the same way. Whether you own an eCommerce store or a physical business with a web page, understanding what’s working in your favor within your online presence versus what isn’t is a vital part of maintaining valuable and profitable digital media. This is where an audit report that details the health of your website is important. At Dsquared Media, we offer comprehensive auditing services to assess how well your digital marketing campaigns are performing, whether or not you are reaching your target audience, how secure sensitive sections of your site are, and whether or not site functions are working properly. By assessing these aspects of your web page through an audit report, we can identify issues that may create an obstacle toward achieving the success you desire through digital marketing. Once we identify these issues, we can address them effectively so that your website can be an invaluable resource for building your brand and your business.

SEO Audit Report Services

Search engine optimization, or SEO, refers to how well search engines such as Google can recognize and rank your site on results pages. In other words, a web page that is properly optimized will be easy for a search engine to find, and will generally appear closer to the top of the results page when someone conducts a Google search related to your website. This is an important factor in web presence, because the more easily someone can find your website (and the more highly it ranks on Google), the more clicks your site will get, and the more business you will generate. Conversely, sites with poor or no optimization will often get buried in the back pages of Google, unseen by search engines and inaccessible to potential customers. This doesn’t benefit you or your business. That’s why it’s important to have an effective SEO campaign- building your brand and increasing your sales depend on it. But how do we assess whether or not your SEO campaign is working properly? How do we determine what needs to be changed in order to effectively optimize your site for search engines? Through an SEO audit report. At Dsquared, we provide SEO audit services to help you better optimize your page and reach more potential customers. Our team uses up-to-date Google analytics and WebCEO programs to determine whether or not your SEO campaign is working and to correct any SEO issues on your site. To do this, we use website crawlers and programs to examine your site’s accessibility, indexability, on-page ranking factors, off-page ranking factors, and competitive analysis. These factors tell us how easily your site is found by search engines (and therefore Internet users), how easily your site is organized by search engines (and therefore whether or not the relevant parts of your site are visible during site-related searches), how well your site ranks and how user-friendly it is (as well as how much traffic it’s getting), and how well your site competes with similar websites. Once we establish how your site is doing in terms of SEO, we can fix problems with your site and generate content that is appealing to your target audience and that promotes your site well within search engines. An SEO audit report generally involves looking at every aspect of the content of your site, from headers and URLs to image attributes and keyword-driven content. At Dsquared, we use the latest intuitive technology to scan your webpage to ensure that it is reaching your intended market. We also take the information gleaned from an SEO audit report to alter your site so that it reaches a vastly greater audience, which builds your presence, brand identity, and ultimately increases your sales and profits.

Security Scanning

Viruses can immobilize an entire city when they spread through a population. Just like human-contracted pathogens, computer viruses have the potential to take down an entire website or even computer system if they are not eradicated. Performing regular scans of your computer is an essential aspect to technological protection, but there are some viruses that can attack a web page or sensitive digital information from remote locations. For any web page, staying up to date on security is important in order to avoid a crash that could shut down your entire site. Security is especially important for eCommerce sites which regularly process sensitive financial information, such as your customers’ credit cards. No one wants to shop online on a site where thieves can easily access their debit or credit card information, and if consumers aren’t assured of your site’s security, they will choose to shop elsewhere. Not having tight web security and getting regular scans on your system can result in a huge headache in the form of a crashed or compromised site, and even worse, huge losses in profit. At Dsquared, in order to help our clients prevent this and protect their digital media, we offer security scanning and audit reports, to identify and repair weaknesses in digital system defense. As a part of our security audit report services, our tech geniuses will perform intensive scans of the coding on your website, using software designed to identify security weaknesses and viruses. If and when we come across these problems, they can be fixed by our team in order to protect your assets. Dsquared also specializes in creating and assessing online portals for sensitive information, such as credit cards, for eCommerce sites. We can help you to develop a secure system for these transactions, and also examine any existing transactional systems to ensure that they are protected, and fix them if they are not. With security audit report services from Dsquared, you can rest assured that your website is safe and that your customers’ sensitive information is protected, leaving you time to build your business!


Sometimes things just won’t work the way we need them to. This can be simply a minor inconvenience, but when it comes to your web presence and digital sales, functional problems mean lost business and profits. If a link on your site doesn’t work, pages won’t load, or transaction processes aren’t going through, many potential customers will become frustrated and move on to another site, and the few that stay won’t have access to all of the services and products you offer. Identifying these issues is an important aspect of ensuring that your site is user-friendly and that people return. If no one can navigate or properly use your site, it doesn’t matter how high-quality your products are or how wide-reaching your brand identity is, because your target audience can’t reach them. That’s where we come in. At Dsquared Media, we offer troubleshooting services to identify these on-site issues so that they can be fixed before they damage your appeal to potential customers. The coding and back-end aspects of a site must be precisely designed in order to ensure that it functions properly. Not only do we produce coding that results in smooth site operation and functional links and site features, we also examine web pages for problems on the back end in order to fix front-end issues. Our tech experts can perform a troubleshoot that identifies any site function issues, and then we can fix them to get you up and running again.

If you have a beautiful website but you’re not reaching customers, your portals are insecure, or your site isn’t functioning in the way it’s supposed to, the design is wasted. In order to be effective, a web page must be designed well and also function properly and be user-friendly. With Dsquared Media comprehensive audit report services, you can rest assured that your site is reaching customers and generating a profit for your business.



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What do internet users do when they need to find something? They search for it on a search engine! If potential customers can’t find your website on Google, Yahoo, Bing, or otherwise, they can’t find you! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is how you can get to the top of search results, and we can help!

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