Content Writing & Marketing

What drives traffic and sales on the Internet? Fresh, relevant content that utilizes optimization software. At Dsquared, our in-house content writers use local search keywords and writing proficiency to develop appealing content that will attract customers to your site.

SEO Content Writing

We build beautiful websites. We also populate them with relevant written and graphic content. It’s important for written content to be interesting and relevant, but for it to also drive website traffic and convert to profit. Search engines look for “markers” when they comb through the millions of websites on the net, and utilizing these markers effectively through content is the difference between obscurity and being buried on page 25 of search results, and popping up on the very first page of a customer’s search. Most consumers use search engines for information or to purchase, and they generally click on the sites that come up on the first or second page of the search results. The more clicks your site receives, the more web purchases you will process. Content drives this, which is why we use SEO content writing techniques. SEO refers to “search engine optimization,” or how easily a search engine can find your website. Using keywords to alert search engines to your site pushes them up in Google ranking, meaning more potential customers will find your business, and interesting and relevant content keeps readers engaged with your site.

Content is also important with regard to print campaigns. No one wants to read a text-heavy, boring newsletter that rambles on incoherently. Content is important. Without it, your ads and product information won’t reach customers, your brand won’t resonate, and graphics won’t pull customers in. That’s why we offer content writing that fits with your business strategy and helps to promote your products and services.

Fresh Content

Old content can damage your business. If you have product information that is incorrect or out of touch with the current market, it will wear away at consumer trust and drive profits away from your company. That’s why it’s vital to have fresh, updated content consistently uploaded to your site or printed on your business communications. It helps customers to stay interactive with your brand, keeps them interested in your industry, and fosters consumer loyalty to your business. In an ever-changing world and market in which trends shift at the speed of light, fresh and relevant content is a must. At Dsquared we can help you plan and develop a strategy for keeping your text and graphic content updated to reflect changing consumer interests and behavior, and focus on generating SEO content writing that works for you.

Content and Site Navigation

When we begin a new project, we collect as much information from our client regarding their business model and services as possible. This is so that we can create content that fits a sensible and user-friendly site navigation, and produce SEO content writing that drives customers to your website. We also do this in order to create newsletter and print content that fits your company’s needs and resonates with your customers. We have several full-time writers who create written content that fits the navigational flow of your site, and that utilizes keywords to drive web traffic and generate more clicks on your products. Over time, content is tweaked and changed in order to meet the changing needs of your target audience. It’s important for content to serve the purpose of the website. For example, the most important and relevant content should be featured on the home page, with easy accessibility to auxiliary pages. Our writers are well-versed in creating content that captures the attention of the reader, whether on a website or in a print ad. The goal of content is to keep the reader interacting with the medium, spending more time browsing your site or ad. The longer a consumer spends engaged with your promotional materials, the more likely they are to purchase your services. That’s why we pride ourselves on producing content that supports your brand and fosters customer interaction.

What We Offer

From consultation to full content packages, we work with our customers to produce content that works for them. We offer strategy development, long-term content writing packages, editing, a la carte content production (for signage, newsletters, and ads), social media management (posting on Facebook and Twitter to boost your online presence) and full website development, from producing home pages to entire site navigation menus. If you want to reach more customers, we can help. Call today to schedule a consultation, and let us develop content that will appeal to a wide and profitable market for your business.


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