Brand Identity

Brand identity is the fusion of graphics, communications, logo design, web presence, and company philosophy. We can help you to conceive, develop, and launch a cohesive and appealing brand identity for your business.

Successful brands are instantly recognizable through a simple logo. Having a solid brand identity means that customers immediately understand what you do, your corporate philosophy, the services you provide, and the products you offer through a simple visual cue. For example, just a single letter “f” against and blue background means “Facebook” to millions of people. Dsquared is proud to offer consultation services that help our clients to form their very own brand identity and to market it across a global market. Brand identity is more than logos and websites, it’s who you are. Creating a brand identity is a key aspect of market dominance and success, and that’s what we offer through Dsquared consultation.

Creating a Brand

Your brand identity is the story of who you are. In consultation, we will help you to identify your company storyline- whether that means small-town beginning and family business, or a startup dream that is now a reality. Solidifying your brand history allows for customers to form an emotional attachment to your business, to integrate it into their lives, and to remain loyal to you above competitors. We can help you to identify what sets your business apart and makes you stand out from the crowd of competitors, and then to market that aspect of your company to a wide audience of potential customers. Your business should have a personality, a philosophy, and a purpose that clients identify with. We can help to create that!


It’s important in any business to understand your competition so that you can offer a superior product or service. Our consultation department offers research and analysis services to identify what works and does not work for your business as well as your competitors so that you can boost the aspects of your branding- logo, website, or other branding components- that work, and eliminate or change the aspects that don’t. Through market research and graphic expertise, we can help you in creating a brand that appeals to customers and that surpasses the reach of your competitors.

Strategy and Development

Consultation begins with identifying the right approach. Do we appeal to a niche market of loyal customers, or do we strive for a global market? Ultimately, it’s up to you, but we can offer industry insights, intensive research, consumer behavior awareness, and graphic and ad expertise in order to help you choose the most profitable and effective approach to branding. If you need an overhaul of your current brand, we excel at conceiving new brand campaigns and successfully distributing new brand identities throughout your target market. Whether you are starting from scratch, analyzing your current brand, or revamping it, we offer consultation services to help you create the most universally recognizable and profitable brand identity that will earn you new customers and also reach your base target audience.

Image and Identity

Logos, websites, print ads, the face of the company, press coverage, even color scheme- all of these components contribute to your brand image and identity and the way your business is perceived by customers. From start to finish, we consult with businesses to target these components and to shape them into a solid and comprehensive identity that is trusted and recognized by consumers. Whether your needs are design or marketing based, we can ensure that your brand makes sense. From logo to mission statement, we help companies create identities that resonate with customers, graphics that catch the eye, and websites that drive traffic. By utilizing Dsquared consulting, you are on your way from being a business to a household name that carries relevance throughout the market.


Reach More Potential Internet Clients with SEO Services

What do internet users do when they need to find something? They search for it on a search engine! If potential customers can’t find your website on Google, Yahoo, Bing, or otherwise, they can’t find you! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is how you can get to the top of search results, and we can help!

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