Architecture and User Experience

User-friendly systems are the key to guaranteeing repeat business. With a comprehensive architecture strategy, Dsquared can make your website and company communications efficient and effective at reaching your target audience.

Website Architecture and Design

Every building, from the Empire State to a family home, starts with a foundation based on a blueprint. Websites and ad campaigns are based on the same principle. Essentially, our team creates a foundation- the website architecture- for your content from scratch. The basis for your web presence begins with using a platform for your site that is easy to use and navigate. This begins with understanding your target audience and customer base. For every service we offer, we first consult with you to determine the profile of your customers. This allows us to choose a hosting platform that speaks to your audience, and to build a website that your customers will be drawn to. Easy navigation and user accessibility are the difference between an ineffective and irrelevant website that frustrates users and an appealing, accessible site that drives traffic and increases sales. The first step is a consultation to assess your business and to choose the correct format for reaching your consumers. Once we have assessed your business model, we can get to work on creating an intuitive system and a website architecture that will create repeat website traffic and increased sales and revenue for your business.

The design of a website should be efficient and easy to navigate. A company that offers law services, for example, should have an option for users to easily search their area of expertise and found out which types of cases they handle. A website for a restaurant, in contrast, should have easily downloadable or viewable menus that don’t take a whole lot of digging to find. The most important information about your business shouldn’t be buried under pages of content, and it should be easy to move between pages to gather important information about services. Moving from information to a “contact us” page should be fluid so that potential customers can quickly shift from information gathering to purchase in a few clicks. Website design should reflect those needs. Through consultation, our team can determine your target audience and sales priorities in order to choose a hosting platform (the base of your website) and create a design that reaches the largest audience and that is easy to use.

Intuitive Structure

With the speed and accessibility of the Internet in the modern era, most people won’t spend hours on one site hunting around for information- they will move on to an easier, more intuitive site that displays important information prominently. That’s why site structure is so important- it impacts consumer behavior. Too much information and text bombarding the consumer as soon as they open your site is overwhelming and confusing and will prompt most users to leave your site before making it to the contact form or the purchase page. Not enough information is frustrating and doesn’t help customers select products. An effective site places the most relevant information in high-traffic areas of the site and directs traffic to purchase prompts. Through consultation, we can determine what your company goals are and create a site that drives traffic towards reaching that goal. Adding a “purchase” or “contact” option to each page increases chances of customer interaction and purchase, for example. By consulting with your business, we are better able to produce websites and promotional material that is useful to your company goals.

Content Layout

Design and technology meet at content. Creating graphics and text content that appeal to your target market is the first step, and arranging the layout of this content to maximize sales and consumer time spent on your site is the next. At Dsquared, we use consultation as an opportunity to gather information about the most effective content for your market, and our digital site designers and web team organizes the content layout to drive customer interaction with your site. Through consultation, we are able to architect the most impactful and profitable web presence for your specific business needs.


Custom Web Design that WOWs your Internet Audience

Are you looking for a website different than your competitors? How about a design that your internet customers enjoy using? With custom website design, we can provide you with an influential first impression of your business on the internet!

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