The benefits of Local SEO

Danny Donovan
February 6, 2021

Search Engine Optimization is the process of making websites more visible on search engines using keywords placed in the content on websites. When keywords include words for specific towns, countries, cities of geopolitical zones so that these pages are more visible when users are searching using location details, then this is referred to as local SEO.

Local search engine optimization allows the local target audience to located relevant local websites increasing the probability that they will make a buying decision on the website. According to Webvisible & Nielsen, almost 82% of consumers online use search engines to find information about local businesses. This holds a lot of potential for these businesses. To benefit from appearing in search engine result pages, businesses can make use of the following tips to ensure that more people can locate their business online:

Get found on search engines Free of charge

By Using Google Places, Bing Local or Yahoo Local to create a profile of your business, search engines can help a business to proactively reach clients when they place a local search for a product or service. Businesses can add their information including contacts and address.

Use Pictures

Once you have a Google Places profile, you can also add pictures of your business to help ensure that clients can have a visual presentation of your premises especially if you offer a service.


Easily present information to the right audience

With local SEO, content from a business website is delivered to a particular niche of clients from a particular location as determined by the location keyword strategy. Local listings can then provide this information to users helping them find you sooner.

Add a Local contact Number

By adding a local phone number that works, clients who find you online can go ahead and contact you immediately. In case you have a product or service that targets a wide market, having a customer care number is useful.

Have multiple landing pages for multiple listings

Some businesses have more than one listing on search engine listings. If that is the case, ensuring each listing leads users to a different useful site is important. Users should not get to all the listings for your business that still end up on one website.

The main immediate benefit of having web content that is optimized for Local Searches is to result in higher conversions.

Your customers are likely to buy goods and services that are locally available. That is the reason why local SEO works. By optimizing your website for the local market, users find the results they see about you relevant and consequently make the purchase.

Danny Donovan
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