Top 5 Content Management Systems "CMS"

Danny Donovan
February 9, 2021

Before we answer that, let’s take a moment to do a brief overview of what a CMS is: Content Management Systems are online software systems that provide for an easy setup, design, and operation of a website through either content repository or a database.  Without a CMS, a website would have to be designed and built from “scratch” which would not be possible without extensive programming knowledge.

Most CMS systems are set up as “template engines” which provide a wide variety of templates from which to choose when setting up and using a site.  Templates are often set up as XSLT files.

Administrators of a website can operate through browser-based interfaces, with some services requiring use of a “fat client.”

Most CMS systems are user friendly, and for the most part are self explanatory once some basics are learned.  Some services are more user friendly than others.  Having a superior website is highly important for thriving in today’s marketplace whether you are selling a product, a service, running a blog, a charity etc.

Among the top Content Management Services available today are the following, and here’s a brief review of them with some of the pros and cons of each.

#5 ExpressionEngine: (EE)

ExpressionEngine is one of the most flexible and attractive CMSs out there today. With EE, a website is very easy to modify and has one of the very best administrative sections.  Users will find that understanding the backend is simple and quickly mastered.  Content can be added very quickly and modified with ease. EE is probably one of the best choices for users who do not have much in the way of website administration experience. The main difference between ExpresssionEngine and other CMSs is that in that it’s paid software. The personal license costs $99.95, and the commercial license costs $249.99.

#4 Textpattern:

Textpattern is among the more popular choices for website designers and developers.  It has a very attractive format and can be custom designed.  Textpattern is set up to be very easy to use and simple in theme. Textpattern pages are very “lightweight” and fast loading which is a major advantage considering the extremely short attention span of most internet users.  In other words, if your website is fast to load for the user (customer,) that gives you and your site an edge over your competitors whose sites may be slower.

Textpattern uses textile markup within the text areas to create HTML elements within the pages.  Administrators using Textpattern will find that it is very user friendly, and is also very self explanatory. Textpattern users will find that their customer service is very good and responsive through their website.

# 3 Drupal:

Drupal has a lot of users and is somewhat different than CMSs like WordPress in that it doesn’t focus on blogging, but has a broader user base.  Setup on Drupal is very simple and a great deal of module choices are available as far as interactive forums, user blogs, and profiles etc. Drupal has a widespread user community and allows for great plugins and other features.

#2 Joomla:

Joomla is another very popular CMS and is fairly easy to operate.  Joomla hosts more than 3,200 extensions which speaks for its popularity with the developer community. Joomla is a complete CMS, so it can facilitate a great variety of content/styles etc. for a website, so it has some major advantages including drop down menus and other features.  But if you are looking for something very basic like blogging, a CMS like Zoomla may not be needed. Unlike WordPress and many other more popular CMSs, Zoomla usually charges for plugins and themes, so that is a factor that needs to be considered.

#1 WordPress:

By and far the most popular CMS used for blog sites, and perhaps in general is WordPress. is set up as a PHP blogging platform.  One advantage is that WordPress can auto-update itself, and plugins install without having to download files. WordPress also has the advantage of having the widest variety of plugins and themes of any CMS out there today. But for those looking for a more complex website setup for product sales etc, WordPress may not be the best choice.


If you are seeking to set up a website for internet marketing, blogging, interactive media etc, then one of these CMSs will likely be your best bet.  But it’s very important to find the best fit for you, and we have only taken a very brief overview here.

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