Magento Website Development

Magento is a software used in developing, designing, and maintaining e-commerce websites. It is one of the highest functioning and effective programs of its kind. Whether you already have a website on the Magento platform or you wish to gain one, we can help!

Magento: #1 in the World for Ecommerce Websites

Over a quarter of a million business owners trust their e-commerce website platform to Magento. This platform helps merchants to stay on top of buyer trends so they can more accurately identify changes that need to be made to help e-commerce sales. The average e-commerce website that switches to the Magento platform produces three times as many sales as prior platform use. Hire a Magento developer from Dsquared Media to be among these growing e-commerce sites!

Innovative E-commerce Solutions

The Magento platform makes it easy for your customers to purchase your products right from their phone, tablet, or desktop computer. You have the option of choosing from a number of different website extensions from the Magento Marketplace like order placement technologies, shopping cart checkouts, and inventory management. Making it easy for your customers to buy from you online will increase your amount of sales and create a larger recurring customer audience.

Marketing with a Magento Website

We identify as a marketing company that also provides website and graphic design services. So, when designing your Magento website, we make sure that it is incorporated with the utmost of marketing techniques. All of our Magento websites are unique, beautiful, and custom to your visual desires, but they play a bigger purpose; growing your customer base. Our marketing experts understand what works when it comes to website marketing capabilities which is why we implement enticing graphic design and images, keyword driven and effective content, modern design, updated programming, and search engine optimization for all pages.

After I Hire a Magento Developer, What is the Process?

Whether you need a complete website overhaul, some maintenance on a live site, or a brand new website, we can come up with the Magento website you desire. Each of our websites are custom coded so you are sure to have a unique and one-of-a-kind website that your customers will be able to utilize with ease. Since each project is unique according to industry and company needs, pricing and time frames may differ. However, the process remains the same. Upon agreeing to terms, our project manager will be deemed head of the project and start to develop a team of website content writers, graphic designers, developers, and SEO specialists. This expert team will work diligently on your Magento website until it performs with the functionality and effectiveness your business requires.
Hire a Magento Developer to Include:

  • Functionality and user upgrades
  • Content inspired by organic SEO keywords
  • Marketing based on business objectives
  • Branding geared to meet business objectives
  • Visually enticing graphics and photographs
  • Aspired improvements to live websites
  • Aesthetically placed content that flows with design
  • Content optimization to increase traffic brought in through search engines
  • Custom and unique design meant to entice potential customers
  • Monthly revenue increase reports for monthly recurring SEO websites

Benefits of Choosing Magento as a Website Platform

Technologically Advanced- There’s a reason Magento is one of the leading website platforms seen around the world today. It keeps up with technological advances that are of endless importance to the internet marketing industry. Whatever the marketing functionalities you desire for your website, we can implement them without affecting the overall performance and speed of your website.

Mobile and Tablet Compatibility- Everyone has a smartphone or a tablet, and Magento provides the option for a multifaceted approach to website design by being able to assimilate to these forms. Without having to develop three different sites, customer prospects can easily view converted forms of your website through the Magento platform right on their phone or tablet.

User Compatibility- Along with providing your customers with an easy way to view the concepts of your business, Magento websites are easily compatible with you! Even if you have no experience with content management systems, you can quickly learn how to edit aspects of your website from your own computer.

Search Engine Optimization- In our society, information is readily gathered through search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. If you want to utilize your website to gain a larger customer base, getting noticed on these search engines is important. The Magento platform offers plug-ins that make it possible to get your website’s pages noticed by these search engines and in turn, recognized by potential customers.

E-commerce Solutions- Since Magento is the world’s leading platform for e-commerce websites, it provides a number of different tools to make product sales enticing and easy. E-commerce solution add-ons provided by Magento include predictive shopping analytics, credit processing, product reviews, tax automation, shipment tracking, quote developer, order confirmation, product search, and much more.

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