What is Google Hummingbird?

Danny Donovan
March 30, 2021

The “Hummingbird” is Google’s new search algorithm used when you type a search query and are expecting results. Of course a search algorithm is the method that a search engine employs to sift through tons of web pages to select the one that it believes to be best placed to answer your question. Like is expected, the Google Hummingbird algorithm is said to return faster results. Internet marketers and SEOs are definitely looking for ways to make use of this system to return them more agreeable results.

Contrary to what many people would imagine, this system does not imply that use of the PageRank algorithm will be abolished. On the contrary, it is one of the features that go into ensuring that Google returns the best result for you when you launch a search. Google Hummingbird has been used since September 2013 albeit the change was only announced one month later. People do not have to worry about the efficacy of using Google Searches; rather Hummingbird has made the searches of Google a lot more effective. Web pages are even evaluated based on what Google sees as being the best result of your search.

No doubt many people wonder if Penguin and Panda Updates are part of the Hummingbird system. The truth is that these two updates were used in parts of the previous algorithm. However, they do not constitute an entire replacement of the whole. Indeed, there are many new and old parts used in making the new algorithm. Some good parts have been retained whereas there are other new ones that have been made to further improve the quality of this search algorithm.
The kind of search that has been made better by this algorithm is termed mainly as conversational kinds of search. This has made it easier for users to find whatever they are looking for more easily. For example, you can type a phrase such as “Show me the pictures of Central Square” and the results are promptly shown to you. Moreover, if you are looking for a given place around your home area, this can be shown if you had previously given Google your home information. In short, with Google Hummingbird, all words used in the query are given serious consideration for looking up ideal web pages for you. The focus that was previously put on given keywords no longer applies. Proper internet marketing professionals like

Palm Beach SEO definitely will have to look at all the words that are important to a website’s content rather than focusing solely on a handful keywords. Google asserts that SEO is not dead like many people would think. Provided content posted is relevant and high quality, websites do not have to worry about losing traffic. In any case, if in the span of one month that Hummingbird has been used your site has not lost traffic, then you are on the safe side. If you have lost traffic, it might be due to parts of the new algorithm being tweaked, changed or enhanced.

Whether or not this new Hummingbird change will make Google better remains to be seen. For SEO professionals like Palm Beach SEO, their work is cut out for them.

Danny Donovan
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