What’s a Landing Page and Why Do I Need One?

Danny Donovan
February 5, 2021

There are many aspects of digital marketing that may seem foreign as these services advance quickly. Therefore, if you’re beginning to look at internet marketing services for your business, there may be a few terms and approaches that may be helpful to appreciate. For instance, landing pages, which are a crucial tool in the application of targeted digital marketing campaigns. So, what’s a landing page, who can they help, and why would you need one?

In this article, you’ll learn why landing pages are an important part of digital marketing strategies. And, if they can be something that you may want to utilize to help reach your own business growth goals.

What’s a Landing Page and Why are They Important?

So, what’s a landing page? Landing pages are basically single-page websites with the sole purpose of lead generation. For example, they’re used in pay-per-click advertising campaigns like Google Ads. When you search for something on a search engine like Google, the top few links are paid advertisements. These usually take you to a landing page rather than the company’s main website.

Landing Pages vs. Your Website

What’s a Landing Page and Why Do I Need One? | Dsquared MediaSo, why not just use your website for advertising campaigns and sales funnels? A website is certainly successful in providing important information about a business. But, most people who will land on a website do so organically. This means they get to a website by typing the URL into the web browser. Or, getting to a website from search results that aren’t paid advertisements.

With paid internet advertisements, people are searching for specific keywords, phrases, or questions they may have relating to your business services or products. So, if a user clicks on a paid ad looking for particular services, goods, or an answer to a question, they may not find what they’re looking for right on your website’s Home page. A landing page addresses the needs a user is looking for; whether that be a landing page about a specific product, promotion, or information. Plus, boosts the odds of conversions with strategic call to actions throughout the lander design.

Essentially, a landing page takes the guessing and searching out of a user’s search query. Thus, allowing users to find what they’re looking for before they move on to a competitor’s site. And, increasing the chances of conversions from the people clicking on your paid internet advertisements.

Types of Landing Pages

Landing pages are useful for various purposes across the internet marketing field. So, whether you want to generate more leads, increase the sale of a certain product, or boost information about an upcoming event or product release, there is a landing page for every objective. Some types of landing pages that can improve advertising efforts include:

Lead Generation: These landing pages are built with the intent to capture the information of people landing on it. They typically include promotions or pertinent information. And, capture data like email addresses or phone numbers with the use of contact forms.

Sales Landing Page: These landing pages are intended to promote a particular product or service. They should address questions to common questions about the product or service. And, offer clear, efficient means of contact to secure leads quickly.

Squeeze Landing Page: These are short, to-the-point landing pages with a design intended to collect user data. They offer a fast and easy way for website visitors to either decide to leave information or click away.

Splash Landing Page: There are informational landing pages to communicate simple information. Or, to allow a user to choose between languages or confirm age before entering a website. These are not to collect information, but to provide clarity or offer information.

MicroSites: These landing pages are micro websites with a singular sales or promotion goal intended. They can include a few pages to provide some information to visitors. But, are mostly intended to capture information of people interested in a singular product, service, or promotion and convert visitors into leads.

Find Out What a Landing Page Can do For You

Dsquared Media understands that successful internet marketing ties hand-in-hand with creative approaches. That’s why we custom-create landing pages in order to promote brand messaging with inspiring imaging, offer a superb user interface, and do what landing pages do – generate more business.

Find out what landing page creation can do for your internet marketing approach today. Contact us right on our website or give us a call to speak with us about your business objectives at 561-654-0237.

Danny Donovan
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