May 27, 2016 | Marketing

4 Tips to Make You a Better Content Manager

Content management is about reaching an audience to provide them with value. That can be in the form of information, services or goods. Your goal is conversions. You want to make content so valuable that your target audience keeps coming back to your website for more.

As a content manager, these are the essentials you need to be doing:

Slow Down and Produce Quality Content

Depending on the type of person you are, slowing down can be a dream or a nightmare. Here’s the deal, it’s easy to get a spark of creativity. Ideas start to flood your mind and then you find ways to alter that idea six ways to Sunday. The process of creating content in its simplest form is inspiration, creation, and publishing. You don’t want to stop the flow. However, it is important
However, it is important to take a break before you do publish anything. But this will require you to take a step back and analyze in full circle what you are creating. You have to make sure that your final form of said content is relevant, SEO friendly, and will attract and engage your audience. Then and only then can you bask in the glory of your creative genius.

Organize for Optimal Time Management and Clear Thinking

There is no definitive rule to follow when it comes to content management. However, apart from knowledge, organization†should be a top priority. So long as your business is striving and thriving, you will always have multiple projects to oversee and simultaneously execute.

Out of sight, out of mind holds true to human nature, which is why lists, although rudimentary, are vital to efficiency. Map out tomorrow’s work today because there will always be more work that will pop up and take precedence.

Do the Hustle: Never Stop Learning, Never Stop Grinding

The beauty of the internet is that it is always evolving. With content marketing, there is no end, no finish line. Whether you are the one creating content or outsourcing, there is always a new, more effective way to reach your audience.

This includes headers, banners, infographics, visuals, optimization, etc. You can create the most eloquent, witty, informative piece of content, but it means nothing if you don’t know how to connect to your audience.

Forget the phrase free time. If you want to be great at what you do, then you need to always research, absorb and apply that information. The moment you decide that you have done enough and get comfortable is the moment you take a hard turn toward failure.

Transparency and Environment

Don’t ever underestimate the value of transparency. There is an idea that being transparent as a manager will break a barrier causing you to lose your authority. That idea is not productive nor conducive to a forward-thinking company. A content manager needs to contribute their ideas and help create an environment that keeps an open dialogue with everyone.

This works for both content creation and potential issues with your site. Apply the rule of give and take. In regards to content, express your ideas and be open to changes. If a problem occurs within the site, transparency is both time efficient and will help create the best solution.

Don’t Lose Steam

Everything is almost always easier said than done. There is so much that goes into content marketing and so many directions you can take, it’s seemingly endless. Having sessions where you throw around ideas about strategy and creativity is a great way to improve your content.

However, it can be just as easy for your ideas to fall by the wayside. When you are managing multiple projects at once and trying to implement new changes, it can get overwhelming. This is where organization and time management play a hand. Create a strategy to optimize your time.

Prioritize and delegate your work and you will have more time and energy to execute your new changes.
Don’t forget, your goal as a content manager is to optimize, execute and convert. Look around and see what your competitors may be doing that you aren’t. Continue to mutually evolve with the internet, build your team up around you and love your content.

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