Creating a Brand With Professional Logo Design

February 3, 2017

Professional Logo Design

When it comes to leveraging the power of graphic design for your marketing needs, few things are more crucial than smart, effective logo design. Your logo is the primary (and perhaps only) visual representation of your brand. Consider the Jaguar hood ornament or McDonalds’ golden arches. Nothing represents these company better — not their CEOs, Board of Directors, or even the products they sell. Your logo is the single most defining visual component of your brand, and for that reason, the importance of incorporating professional logo design in your marketing campaign is second to none.

Principles of Effective Professional Logo Design

Dsquared Media has designed logos for a diverse range of industries. Each one is unique and specifically designed with the client’s needs in mind. From
color schemes to visual elements and typography, we take the time to make every detail perfect, unique and accessible to your target market. Being the one and only visual representation of your brand, each logo is visually appealing in its own distinct way, leaving an impression in potential customers that will remain in mind for years to come.Professional Logo Design

The Logo Design Process

  1. Discovery: First we want to know everything we can about you and your business. What is the value and mission of your brand? What about your company, its goals and its people? The process of client discovery is about learning as much as we can about your message before we breathe life into that message.
  2. Research: Next is market research. Who or what is your target audience? What is the competition — and how can a logo succeed in making your brand stand out against them?
  3. Application: Before we draw out our first preliminary sketches, we must ascertain exactly where and how your logo will be applied. Perspective is key to logo design — the back of a business card is quite different from the tail fin of an airplane.
  4. Preliminary Design: Now, the graphic designers at Dsquared Media apply their creativity, sketching out literally hundreds of designs for you to choose from. It often takes ours of contrast and comparison, but it is extremely effective. Quality is easiest to recognize when there are many options to choose from.
  5. Drafting: We ask you to pick your top logo designs, perhaps five, six or seven of your favorite sketches. With your selection narrowed, we proceed to draft some initial designs for your viewing.
  6. Editing: Rarely does the first draft become the final edition of a logo. Rather, we fine-tune our designs to your wants and needs, adding details, adjusting sizes and changing colors wherever needed and then offering them for your comparison.
  7. Development: When you decide upon a final logo design, it goes to print — flyers, business cards, banners, T-shirts, and more! Whatever you need to turn your business into a true brand, you will see the inspiring logo drawn and designed by the media experts at Dsquared!
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