UI/UX Design

We produce websites with intuitive front-end layout and navigation as well as web applications that enhance consumer experience to drive traffic and sales for our clients.

User Interface and User Experience Design

A lot goes into developing the back end coding of a website- making sure that links function, that content is optimized, that widgets and pages are created and organized in a functional way, and thousands of other considerations when constructing a web page. However, all this work is put into these systems to create the most appealing and user-friendly user interface (UI) or user experience design (UX). In other words, designing websites should always be done with the primary purpose of ensuring that UI/UX design appeals to web users and potential customers. User interface, or user experience, refers to how Internet users (and digital customers) interact with your website or media. UI/UX design principles are based upon the philosophy that websites, apps, and other digital media should be user-friendly and accessible for visitors and site administrators to promote web traffic, a positive user experience, and ultimately an expanded market reach. At Dsquared Media, we specialize in UI/UX design in order to create programs that encourage customers to interact with your business, and in turn, expand your brand identity and increase sales and revenue sources.

Front End Web Design

Have you ever clicked out of a website because it was disorganized, required too much scrolling to get to important information, or ran too slow? Those are all symptoms of poor front-end web design, and they make for an unpleasant user experience that drives traffic away from a site and onto competitors. That’s what any business owner wants to avoid. At Dsquared Media, we utilize user experience design principles to create front-end website designs that promote user interaction and satisfaction with our clients’ digital media. By creating front-end designs that are streamlined, intuitive, and functional, we maximize client web presence and make it easy for our clients to reach more customers and provide an excellent web experience. This involves coding that allows the site to run smoothly, design that fits the aim and general feel of the company, and a layout that is easy to navigate and makes it simple and convenient for customers to find important information and transaction portals. A site that is not designed with a user-friendly front end doesn’t benefit your business. Great marketing strategies and compelling content are important, but if those aspects aren’t delivered through an effective front-end design, they won’t reach your target audience and all of the efforts put into those designs result in little payoff. That’s why an intuitive, user-friendly design on the front end of your website- the part the Internet user sees and interacts with- is a vital aspect of having a productive and beneficial digital media presence.

Admin Portals

Businesses are constantly evolving and changing to meet the needs of the market. Because of this, business websites and digital media need to evolve as well to keep pace with market trends. However, it’s hard to make vital updates to your site is there isn’t an efficient portal in place that allows you or other site administrators to make important updates and changes to content. If you can’t easily add new products to a page, edit descriptions or contact information, or make changes that your customers need to know about when visiting your site, you are missing out on a vital aspect of communicating with your audience. At Dsquared, we use user interface and user experience design to create admin portals that are easy for you to use in order to carry out vital web functions on a regular basis. For example, contact forms on websites are a great resource for allowing your clientele to ask questions, provide feedback, leave reviews, and order products through your site. If these contact forms are not easily accessible on the other end, however, this information is of no value. When we create a site at Dsquared Media, we implement easy-to-use, intuitive admin portals that allow you to access this information and respond accordingly. We also create admin portals that allow you, the site owner, and any designated site operators, to make site edits and add new content as you see fit. With these tools, we build sites that allow you to have greater control over your web presence, customer relations, and site content through easy and simple portals that can be operated safely. Ready to take charge of your web presence, but unsure of how all the technical aspects work? No worries! We can create for you an admin portal that allows you to access your site and make any changes you see fit, without compromising coding or site structure.

App and Web Application Development

Apps are everywhere. People use digital apps for everything from playing games to paying bills, all with the convenience of accessing these tools wherever and whenever they want from smartphone and tablet devices. Wouldn’t it be great if your company had an app that allows your customers to make purchases, leave reviews, access your site, or communicate with site administrators? Well, with Dsquared user experience design services, you can! Our team can create an app that runs on mobile or desktop devices for your customer base that can remarkably increase your sales and improve your customer relations. Through design and development, we can maximize user experience for your customer base by making your site accessible at any time of the day and from any location. Application development options through Dsquared include:

  • Mobile- and tablet-friendly sites for access while on-the-go
  • Webmail systems for communication with targeted demographics
  • Retail sale portals that allow for safe transactions and boost overall sales
  • On-site messaging services which allow customer service representatives to communicate directly with site visitors immediately and in real time
  • Systems that allow customers to create web profiles on your site
  • Interactive widgets, such as click-to-call buttons
  • Contact forms that can generate newsletter delivery

And more!

If you want to take your digital presence to the next level, Dsquared Media is the way to go. We pride ourselves on using user experience design to make easily navigable applications that reach a wider range of potential customers in more and more diverse ways, maximizing your potential to drive business through intuitive web design.



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