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Gateway Club Real Estate Design by Dsquared Media

Gateway Club

Buying a house or signing a lease is always a big decision, and one that few people take lightly. Potential buyers feel the urgent need to acquire information, conduct thorough research and, above all, trust their Realtor.
Nothing conveys both trust and information more than a website for real estate, which should always look professional and experienced. Having pictures of the surrounding areas on the main page will give the audience a feel of the area they will be looking at. Displaying testimonials will demonstrate both the value and credibility of this real estate agent. And heavily featuring contact forms and calls to action will result in more leads, more sales, and more business.

Special Features of a Real Estate Website

There are certain elements that are always necessary to incorporate into a website, regardless of its type. However, real estate is quite unique in what it must feature. Specific items, such as search bars and maps, must be included, designed, and coded into the website of any realtor or real estate agency.


Real estate is, by definition, a location-oriented industry. Property is sold within specific geographical boundaries, and this means real estate websites must cater to the local context of their business.
Maps are, and should always be, heavily featured on real estate websites. For Realtors with a wider clientele, it is often a good idea to have a map indicate the locations of all the properties they sell. Indeed, displaying a map will also inform people on what each property is near. How close is it to the beach? How far away from the grocery store is it located? These can be the determining factors in a sale, and it’s always useful to provide this information right on the website.

Search Functionality

FLA Living Real Estate Web Design by Dsquared Media

FLA Living

If ever there were a website in which having an internal search bar was absolutely imperative, it would be a real estate website. For each second that visitors spend trying to navigate to a property, it becomes less likely that they will convert and buy/rent the property.
For this reason, it is crucial to provide visitors with a search bar that will conveniently populate results based on their query. If finding a property in Delray Beach is as simple as typing in “33445,” they will come across a value purchase within seconds, and they will ultimately be more encouraged to purchase that property.

MLS Integration

FLA Living MLS Web Design by Dsquared Media

FLA Living

In most cases, it is necessary to integrate a multiple listing service (MLS) into the design of a real estate website. A full list of available properties (and which city they are located in) will show people the variety of options they can have. There should be multiple listing service of every city available from the real estate company so visitors can look on their own.
When people find a property through the MLS, they will also need to be served certain information. This will include:

  • Community and schools are good for families seeking homes
  • HOA and application fees
  • Amenities provided
  • Exterior features

With relevant, appropriate and easily accessible information such as this, your real estate business will be selling more homes in no time! Call Dsquared Media to have your real estate website designed to look professional and responsive!

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