February 3, 2017 | Marketing

Retargeting Marketing Strategies: Advertise to Site Visitors

Have you ever been shopping online and then, hours later, noticed an advertisement that seemed tailor-made to what you were shopping for? Chances are you came back to the site at some point afterward and became a customer. If you are wondering what recipe for success was used to convert you into a customer, welcome to the exciting world of retargeting marketing.

What is Retargeting Marketing?

Retargeting is a form of media buying that takes place on the World Wide Web. Using a special tracking code that we program into your website, each unique visitor you get will be targeted and served your own branded, specialized ads. We then bid on ad placements for each site browsed by your targeted visitor, ensuring that they are reminded of what your brand has to offer and incentivizing their conversion.

Why Retarget?

Retargeting is multi-faceted and can serve any number of valuable purposes, including:

  • Attracting & Engaging Visitors: Because retargeting campaigns are customized to attract specific visitors, they are 10x more likely than any other display advertising methods to generate new traffic. Given a month-long period of promotion through retargeted ads, the average website can actually see up to a 726% increase in traffic.
  • Converting Visitors: Only 2% of traffic converts for an average site, regardless of how optimized its marketing campaign is. However, retargeting has been shown to make visitors 70% more likely to convert, as well as increase overall conversions by up to 147%!
  • Boosting E-commerce Transactions: Retargeting provides an ideal solution for e-commerce sites, in which 72% of shopping carts are likely to be abandoned before the transactions are complete. When consumers are served ads that remind them to resume their check-out, they are over 3x more likely to do so.
  • Increasing Brand Awareness: Even if your ad is not clicked on, it creates a powerful psychological impression of your brand that each visitor will retain. In fact, retargeting has been shown to increase branded searches by up to 1046%, giving your business an intimate association with the products or services your target demographic is looking for.

How Retargeting Marketing Works

At Dsquared Media, we create highly customized retargeting campaigns to meet the distinct need of each client. We leverage a wide set of criteria to implement the campaign that brings you more leads than you ever though possible!

  • Creative Ad Design: Ads that will draw in customers, articulate your message and leave visitors with a lasting impression of your brand.
  • Site Placement: We leverage the platforms that will serve you best, from high-traffic 3rd party sites to the incomparable reach of Facebook and other social networks.
  • Custom Audience Capturing: Creating highly customized audience lists allows us to serve ads based on the specific pages visited, as well as allocate those ads efficiently by excluding visitors who have already converted.
  • Refined Targeting Criteria: We serve your ads to the visitors who will bring you the most value, targeting them based on specified criteria such as geographical location, online behavior, and demographic information.
  • Campaign Optimization: Your campaign will be optimized to the fullest extent, serving ads at specific times, sites, frequencies, bids, and visitors that will minimize costs and maximize results.

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