March 21, 2016 | Marketing

Marketing Techniques For Businesses on Instagram

A lot of businesses are using social media to increase a company’s awareness and sales. Ever since Facebook bought Instagram, it has turned into a great way for businesses to market and advertise. As the saying goes, picture can say a thousand words, and there are millions of people on Instagram looking at these pictures. Here are marketing techniques for putting your business on Instagram and getting followers.

Focus on your businesses niche

instagramA lot of successful Instagrams have a theme. Most businesses fit into a certain category. Chose the category that best fits within your business and stick to it. For a clothes company, make sure there are beautiful clothes in your photos. For a food company, always show delicious looking food.

Use Hashtags With Photos

Hashtags have become so popular because it makes searching for topics easier. The right way to use them is in comments instead of captions. This will make the post look less spammy or desperate. You can even work on starting your own hashtag that is different yet similar to the account name to help gain more followers. For example an account that posts pictures of creative breakfast coined the hashtag Breakfastcriminals.

Consistency is Key

Posting at a consistent rate will create more content and more attraction to potential followers. The posts all have to have the same consistency also. That consistency is what will make people want to follow and engage in the posts. This consistency goes for the filters, style, colors, and creativity.

instagramResponsive and Friendly

Instagram is a community and followers will be more engaged in certain accounts when they are responsive. Answer questions and comments in a friendly manner and people will appreciate the page. The followers can tell when a page is being authentic and actually care about things. This connects with following “the new trend” on social media. This causes an account to be all over the place and end up loosing credibility and followers.
Instagram is a great way to market your business. The main things to remember when starting an Instagram account is to be authentic, friendly, and consistency. It takes time, but determination will gain traction.

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