August 6, 2013 | Web Design

Retain Customers By Providing the Best Ecommerce Solution

It is becoming imperative for any business to integrate an ecommerce solution into their existing website or develop an ecommerce site afresh. Online shopping is not a rarity anymore and people are buying almost everything online, from a car to insurance, an electronic cigarette to health supplements. Any graphic design Florida company can develop an ecommerce site but the approach can never be the same as that of a normal website.

While online shopping is convenient and having an ecommerce solution to get quick sales without a network of distributors or resellers, it is not a very simple exercise. Many customers are still anxious about online shopping and since your competing businesses would also have an online shopping cart, how is it that you would be different and how can you convince your prospective customers to keep buying from you?

Are you looking for Ecommerce Website Design in Florida?

There are some mandatory features that a Florida web design team should inculcate in a website that has an ecommerce solution.


An ecommerce website should not be complicated. The design, layout, and the graphic work should be simple. The objective of an ecommerce solution is to facilitate online sales and complicated designs or unnecessary graphic design on a Florida website would always be counterproductive. Besides, simple designs are easier to load and much more responsive. Interactive features can be used by a South Florida web design company but the site should be quick, the content must be precise and the entire shopping experience of a customer should be convenient.


Security is the most important element of any ecommerce solution. The security of the website, the safety of the personal and financial details of a customer through the payment gateway, and the privacy policy of the website or the company are decisive factors for a customer. Any lapse in any of these attributes would lead a customer to opt out of buying from a site. From HTTPS, indicating the overall security of the website and all the web pages, to a clearly laid out privacy policy and details about payment processing, a Florida web design team should consider security to be a more important factor than the design itself when it comes to an ecommerce solution.

Landing Pages

An ecommerce website should have distinct landing pages and these pages would cover all the products available in the inventory. Ideally, one webpage should be reserved for a product or service but if there are similar products or services then there can be more than one. This is quintessential because customers wouldn’t want to browse a heap of web pages to get through to one product that is of interest to them.


An ecommerce website should be easily navigable. It should be hosted on a sturdy server, respond instantaneously and the customer should be able to get all the requisite features at the disposal of a click.

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